WaxworkCombining classic movie monsters with the horror anthology dynamic, Waxwork is a repeatedly watched classic at Chez LeRouge. I beg you horror fans, do not get this flick confused with the 1953 Vincent Price film House of Wax, or even the more recent abysmal remake (though getting to see Paris Hilton as the recipient of a little hack n’ slash did have some appeal).

Anthony Hickox wrote and Directed this fun little camp-fest, which starred Zack Galligan (Gremlins), Deborah Foreman (Valley girl), and David Warner in the role of the villain. There is even a howling good cameo by John Rhys-Davies, of Indiana Jones fame. The story follows a group of privileged high school students that stumble upon a new waxwork museum that’s opened in their very residential neighborhood, and receive an invitation for a private viewingWaxwork by the Curator. Of course this is no ordinary house of wax, it’s a house of wax run by an evil mastermind bent on bringing about hell on earth. Sarah and Mark (Galligan and Foreman) grow concerned when their friends disappear during their freaky field trip, and when the police wont help, take investigating the matter into their own hands. If you cross the velvet rope you become part of the scene, which is exactly what the Curator wants. Each vignette is missing one soul to make the story complete, and once all of the roles are filled it’s lights out for human kind, unless Sarah and Mark can stop it.

WaxworkHumor and horror go hand in hand in this monster movie, along with a pretty intriguing story concept. Wax figures I have always found to be inherently creepy, mix that with the overwhelming childish urge to go beyond the velvet rope in every museum I have ever been to in my entire existence, and you have my attention. Add werewolves, and well, you’ve won me over. From Dracula to the Marquis De Sade, all the sub stories are pretty entertaining, and some are down right hilarious. If you don’t like horror hilarity, this flick is probably not for you. If you are a fan of Army of Darkness, or cheese like Critters, then give it a watch, you wont be disappointed.

Well that’s this week’s edition of Fiendish Flicks, my little monster maniacs. Have a wicked weekend, and keep me posted on the flicks you think are truly fiendish! -Ruby