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Dr. Lecter and Will have a dinner where they dine on an Ortolan Bunting. Which is a bird (that consuming is now illegal in some countries) that is eaten whole. Hannibal explains this is a right of passage. I’m pretty sure we can conjure what passage is being celebrated. We find Freddie Lounds burning body rolling down to her parking space. What a way to be honored. The FBI crime lab confirms that this is Freddie’s body.

Margo is pregnant with Will’s baby. Margo is using the baby to “break up” her fathers will so that Mason will not be the sole male heir. Mason has been using the tears as a ingredient in Martini’s. This week he even told a kid a lie in order to get him to cry for his martini garnish.

During a conversation about Abigail and Will being a father, Hannibal tells Will that “Occasionally I drop a teacup to shatter on the floor on purpose. I’m not satisfied when it doesn’t gather itself up again. Some day, perhaps, the cup will come together.” Everything that falls under this is Hannibal’s teacup…

Hannibal suggestively spills the beans about Margo having a child. Mason responded by having Margo abducted and taking out her lady parts. Will goes to the hospital and of course Hannibal is there as well. Will looks at Hannibal in disgust and leaves. Mason is at his pig farm zoning out to music. The music goes off and Will is standing there. Mason calls Will the “baby daddy“. Mason talks a lot of shit as Will is punching Mason’s lights out. Will holds Mason over the pig banister. Telling Mason that they are all puppets of Hannibal’s design. From Margo’s pregnancy, Mason terminating it and Will being the father and coming here to kill Mason in revenge. Will tells Mason that he needs to feed Dr. Lecter to the pigs.

During this entire episode Alana has been losing her mind. She basically goes to Jack and tells him to stop playing with her head. Using Will and Hannibal as his little pieces. Alana asks Jack like 20 question and tells him to stop lying before he gets a chance to answer. Jack takes Alana to a room and inside of it is a still alive, still annoying Freddie Lounds.

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What will happen next?

During therapy, Will shares his vision of how he would kill Hannibal, which only seems to strengthen their co-dependency. Hannibal discusses Margot’s unfortunate “accident” in a session with Mason. Growing impatient with Will and his progress on catching Hannibal, Jack brings in a surprise witness. When Hannibal’s life is jeopardized, Will must decide whether to help him and give Hannibal a chance for revenge.


Man, after the Freddie Lounds thing I’m done. Now I must wonder – was my Chilton claim wrong as well.

Hannibal News

If you didn’t read my Around the Remote post, Fannibals never fear, Hannibal has been renewed for a third season. So the Jack/Hannibal fight scene could end with a dead Jack ... BUT don’t quote me on that after Freddie.


In other news, Hannibal was snubbed for the Emmys. This really concerns me as Hannibal has been praised by critics. We know Hannibal does have a large cult following, but I thought major critics would stick up for this show. No Emmy is a very bad thing as Hannibal is really hanging on by a thread. Shows with weak ratings such as Hannibal can be saved by getting a lot of awards. Most of the buzz about Hannibal’s renewal last year was that this show was so cheap to produce NBC basically said “hey why not.” Yes, I stated there will be a season 3 of Hannibal, but as a fan of the show I hate waiting to the edge of May to find out if it has been renewed. I will enjoy the show while it is on but I would love it if the ratings would pick up and we get a renewal notice 2-3 episodes in.

Now on with the Food!


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