What we know

It’s hard to tell if the affection that Will displays for Hannibal is reciprocation that Hannibal shows to him or a ruse. Either way Hannibal and Will are bonding in a mono a mono/teacher v student/ Stockholm syndrome type of way. When Will killed the intruder (Randall). Hannibal was the first one he ran too. Hannibal then tended to his (Will’s) wounds in a way Alana Bloom should have been doing. If Will is playing a game with Hannibal, Freddie Lounds ends up being a tasty side dish to wet Will’s appetite to appeal to Dr. Lecter “style of” of “therapy”. I say that with all of the mystery over the question of “What type of meat” were Will and Hannibal dinning on at the end of the episode. It even had Hannibal guessing…


Now back in the real world. Randall’s body (of sorts) was presented in his Museum. Randall’s head was placed with the body of a saber toothed tiger. Hannibal suggested to Will this would be a great way to “honor” Randall. Hannibal tried once again to throw Jack off of the make up of the killer. Will described the killer/himself perfectly. We must remember a few episodes ago. Will and Jack did have a conversation while fishing on how to “catch” a serial killer. How much Jack is in the know is unknown, but I do not think he is completely blind in Will’s grand scheme.

Mason (Micheal Pitt) finally made his appearance and played his part beautifully. Almost as well as the sex scene between Will and Margo, grouped together with Hannibal and Alana. Which was shown to show how much affection Will has for Alana. Or for Hannibal and Will??

What will happen next?

Hannibal - Season 2

Hannibal - Season 2

Our next course, “Ko No Mono,” airs Friday, May 9th. The title refers to a seasonal vegetable dish, often pickled. And take our word for it, this week’s episode has hints of both sweet and bitter. Family ties will put several characters in a bind; you’ll be left with no doubt as to whether blood runs thicker than water.

What twist will the perverse partnership between Will (Hugh Dancy) and Hannibal (Mads Mikkelsen) take? Despite some pesky recurring night visions that leave Will Graham waking in a cold sweat, his tutelage/therapy under Dr. Lecter is progressing nicely. The former foes are bonding now as never before; sharing secrets, vivisection tips and forbidden meals will do that for a friendship.

Alana (Caroline Dhavernas) is suffering a new crisis of faith. Freddie’s death has her thinking the unthinkable about Will. A direct approach only turns up more questions and gnawing doubts. If only she could discuss Will with his therapist and her paramour, Dr. Lecter. But we know how Hannibal feels about patient confidentiality: it’s an immutable matter of ethics.

Speaking of patients, Mason Verger (Michael Pitt), even though he’s under the doctor’s “care,” still seems a very long way from finding happiness. Daddy issues, sister issues, heir to family slaughtering firm issues – they’ve all got Mason going mad. When he suspects Margot (Katharine Isabelle) may have alternative plans for the family dynasty, Mason is driven to a most drastic action.

Pontificating. There has been speculation that Dr. Chiltion AND Freddie Lounds are not dead. The reason; continuity with the movies. I hate to tell you this but TV series based off of movies and books don’t give a crap about what makes sense. They are going for what makes ratings. Take for example Bates Motel in which follows` Norman Bates, in the movies/books Norman Bates is supposed to be a virgin. In the series Norman has gotten laid with every hot chick on the show. I say this to overstate. Freddie and Frederick are dead.

Now on with the Food!