Fans of the diabolical Dr. Hannibal Lecter can breathe a collective sigh of Hannibal whispering to willrelief, he will return for another season! One step closer to fulfilling Bryan Fuller’s hopes for the seven seasons that he said he could clearly see in an interview with AssignmentX. The first 3 season all original content prologuing the novels written by Lecter creator Thomas Harris, then getting into the Red Dragon world of Hannibal post capture in season 4.

Regarding his inevitable capture by  Will Graham in the interview Fuller said, “I thought, “Wow, there’s a great opportunity to deliver on that line from Red Dragon that Hannibal Lecter Hannibal - Season 2says, which is, ‘You caught me because you’re as insane as I am.’ “, and season 2 he has definitely delivered on proving Lecter right, leading up to the climactic event. Though it was Hannibal himself that saw the ember in Graham, and stoked it into a roaring fire. With season 2 not quite through, I am still predicting that Will only seems to have embraced Hannibal’s killing tendencies. I think there is a twist in store for the audience, Will doesn’t seem the type to kill the truly undeserving. Self defense is one thing, snooping Journalists with little ethical integrity is another. 

The edition of Katherine Isabelle and Michael Pitt as Margo and Mason Verger late in the game is no doubt setting up the next story arc and will spill into Hannibal - Season 2season 3. There is too much fascinating potential in the pair to conclude their craziness in half a season. Assuming the show will follow the book’s time line, Hannibal and Mason will part ways after a particularly poor therapy session, and reunite in a cataclysmic clash in season 6. Weaving the web of murderous grudges and the killer of the week formula should make for another fantastically full season of creative homicide, in stunning and lurid hues, straight out of the morbid mind of Bryan Fuller. Fuller has yet to fail in topping himself when it has come to the darker scenes, and I for one can’t wait to fall farther down the rabbit hole that he has dug for us. What do you think Hannibal will serve up next?