The remaining Contestants head to the Universal Studios backlot, which was used in classic Universal Horror movies The Mummy, Frankenstein and The Wolf Man. Production designer and director Patrick Tatopoulos came out as a special guest on this week’s Face Off.

The contestants are tasked with making a werewolf to rival the vampires they made last week. Patrick said that the werewolf has to look like they are from the same world as last week’s vampires. They also have to have a special unique feature that can be used to take the vampires down. The Face Off judges will take into consideration the vampires and werewolves when deciding which contestant to send home.

George: His vampire concept last week (Yara Ma Yha from Australia) transforms into werewolves over time, so that ties in to this week’s challenge. His special weapon are bone protrusions that stick out of their index fingers like a blade.

Niko: His vampire from last week (Aswang from the Philippines) had a long tongue that dripped acid. His idea is that his werewolf will have spikes that protects him from the tongue and they can turn into stakes that he can kill the vampire with.

Tyler: He talks about the mistakes he made last week on his vampire (Sasabonsam from Ghana), such as proportions and so forth. He said his werewolves special weapon is a bone that comes out of the back of the wrist like a spike (or like Wolverine)

Rashaad: He said that he used Asian themes on his vampire (Jiang Shi from China) last week and needs to do the thing. He said the werewolf design will have almost dragon features in the face. He said his vampire was taken over by plants, so he wants to incorporate fire into his werewolf creature.

Day 1:  They tell Niko that his werewolves mouth should be bigger, because it has too much of a reptilian look and not as much of a werewolf look. Rashaad needs to be careful not to make the werewolf’s shading too dark because it might disappear next to the bright vampire. George needs to work on his nose because it is not canine enough and could be closed up more. The biggest criticism came again for Tyler, who was told that his creature didn’t look like a werewolf at all and looks more like a vampire than a werewolf. 

The other three are already molding theirs when the judges return to talk to Tyler. They realized that he is scared after the vampire critique and they feel he is now holding back. They said they like his drawing and he just needs to bring that to his sculpture.

Day 2: Rashaad was working on the hands, which would sell the fire power, but the mold for the finger extensions broke while he was working on it. Meanwhile, Tyler was finally starting to figure things out and created some great looking bone stakes. George is now complaining about his wrist pain as he tries to work. Rashaad found a way around the broken molds with latex fingers.

Day 3: This is application day. Tyler decides to start over on the face because he liked the new molded face better than the first one. George’s model got sick so he ended up having to work with a brand new model for this challenge. The new model’s lips are thinner than his original model, so he is afraid it won’t look right. Niko is having trouble making his cowl work. Rashaad is working hard to paint it to look like strands of hair without using actual hair. George only has the base coat because it took too much time to get the lips fixed.

Tyler and Rashaad just have touch ups to do to their models. George has to really work on finishing his paint while Niko has to work on gluing all the spikes onto his werewolf. It is hard to believe that Tyler started so far back and then ended up closer than almost anyone to being done here.

Time is up and it is time to head to the stage. Patrick Tatopoulos is the guest judge. Rashaad’s wolf looks pretty good – with the Asian look that he was going for. Tyler’s werewolf really doesn’t look great. It looks like a mask and there is something wrong with the mouth. The stake is nice but the hands don’t look fully realized either. Niko’s just doesn’t look right. It matches his drawing, but there is just something wrong with it. For George, the makeup looks great but the eyes just don’t look right.

The judges like Rashaad’s, except for the chest. They really thought Tyler’s sculpture this week was a lot better than last week. They also loved how the face looked. They called Niko’s original but thought the ear looked unoriginal. They felt he put more attention on the weapons and less on the finish. They loved the details on George’s, such as claw marks on the shoulder and said there is a lot going on, even in the dark areas.

Judges: They loved Tyler’s werewolf and felt it was very organic and real. They also called the paint job great. Niko was next. They said the spikes were very original, but it was almost non-canine, but barely made it. They said they were impressed. George was next. They called his work elegant, rock solid, and they also praised his painting. Last week’s winner Rashaad was next. They called his concept very original. However, the judges didn’t think his looked tough enough but liked it nonetheless.

Winner: George

Sent Home: Niko

George won this week’s Face Off challenge. The second person to move to the finals was Tyler, which was a surprise after last week’s bad showing (since they took both vampire and werewolf into account). Rashaad moved on, and the judges said it was just because of his vampire that he made it. That means that Niko is going home.