3 more sleeps until the Vancouver FanExpo opens, and thousands of fans will descend upon the Vancouver Convention Centre, many ensconced in the costume of their favourite pop culture hero or villain. After an almost perfect run last year (I mean let’s not forget the great canteen debacle of 2013), they are ready for an even larger guest list, and more attractions. Take a look at some of these highlights:

Draco Malfoy, Tom Felton

Bruce “don’t call me Ashley” Campbell

Maggie from The Walking Dead, Lauren Cohen

Alternate universe Bones, Karl Urban

Days of Our Lives, and alright Star Trek, John De Lancie

Pippin, Billy Boyd

and so much more…Here’s the full list


And if you aren’t just interested in the Movie and TV guests how about some panels:

On Saturday will be a Professional Author Panel where they discuss working in the ever changing publishing market.

On Sunday the great Peter S. Beagle, who gave us the genius The Last Unicorn will be doing a Q&A. Peter, as some may know, has been touring the theatres of North America with the newly restored The Last Unicorn film and if you haven’t had the pleasure do yourself a favour.

The only Horror Magazine that matters these days, Canada’s own Rue Morgue, will be hosting seminars, workshops and Q&As as well, including bringing in Robert England, and the Director’s of American Mary, The Soska Sisters, and many others.

As well as Sketching Duels, Easter related activities on Sunday, enough retailers to keep you clothed for a full year, and, I don’t know why I buried this here, a Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Celebration!

Check out the full list here:


FanExpo Vancouver

Last year was such a blast, and I didn’t even get to do half of what I wanted- with lines that not only circled the block but crossed over itself, get there early and wear comfortable shoes.

You can still pick up your Day Passes, and Weekend Passes here:


Renegade Cinema will be there all three days to get all the news that fit’s to print. Look for me, I’ll be the short nerdy guy with glasses carrying comics.

James C.