The Breakdown

Rena is in her jail cell making origami objects. An uprising is occurring in the facilities. Ward comes in and gives her a gift from the clairvoyant; a red flower dress. Rena goes with Ward to Cuba. She is lead to the clairvoyant, who happens to be Agent Garrett. He tells her that he can not see the future but just has a high level SHIELD clearance. Rena seems to be a bit upset by this, and asks if he is just a liar. He prefers to be called an artist, even if it is just a con-artist. Garrett has her sit in a chair that lowers her underground and tells her welcome to Hydra.

Back at SHIELD HQ, Fitz and Simmons are working on the BUS to get it back in the air. Agent Coulson is running the show here now. Colonel Glenn Talbot (The Hulk’s old enemy from the comics) contact SHIELD and speaks with Coulson to tell him that he be arriving soon to ask them some questions. Coulson doesn’t trust Talbot and wants the BUS operational so they can get out of there.

Agents of SHIELD

Triplet wants to go with the team but Coulson doesn’t trust him due to the fact that Garrett was his S.O. Simmons vouches for Triplet and Coulson tells her that Triplet is her responsibility. The BUS is in the air however Triplet has found a fuel leak. Coulson orders Skye to break into SHIELD’s files in order to erase everyone on the teams’ records, eliminating any trace of them existing from the world. Skye asks Coulson if he has he talked to Ward and he tells her no. Coulson gives Skye a phone and tells her to call Ward when she is done.

Skye calls Ward and tells him what is going on. Ward acts nonchalant about the file scrubbing. After getting off of the phone with Skye, Ward speaks with Garrett about how Skye getting shot was not apart of the plan. Garrett tells Ward to stay focused on the mission. Garrett then talks to Rena and tells her that she is going to run the Centipede project again. Garret also has samples of the GH-325 serum and wants Rena to get more information on it. He also gives her files and blood samples of Coulson and Skye.

Agents of SHIELD

Skye brings Coulson all of the teams badges upon his request. As Coulson is placing the badges in a safe, his badge lights up. Skye asks what is going on. On the badge there are coordinates. Coulson thinks that this is a message from Nick Fury. Triplet feels that this could be a trap set by Hydra.

Garrett and his men are ready to take over the fridge. Rena is talking to Ward about his former team and if he had feeling for them. Ward tells her that it was just a mission and he doesn’t play well with others. She says that Coulson is a good man, would give his life for Ward, and doesn’t Ward owe him for that? Ward said he owes Garrett his entire life.

May goes to Coulson in his office. She wants him to hand over his gun. May tells Coulson that Fury is dead and that he couldn’t have sent the coordinates. May also tells him that this feeling of Nick being alive and sending him messages could have been placed in his mind by Hydra when he was brought back to life. She tells him that Fury didn’t oversee his operation but she doesn’t know who was the head of it.

Ward brings Garrett to the fridge as a prisoner. The agents inside will not open the door without Agent Hand there. As Ward is about to “try” to radio Hand a drone comes out and shoots at the building. The guards open up. The two guards, Ward and Garrett get into an elevator. When the guards try to radio security, Ward shoots them in the head and Garrett breaks out of his cuffs.

Agents of SHIELD

Garrett and Ward head into The Fridge and Garrett delivers an awesome line where he name drops  Johnny “The Griffin” Horton, a Z-grade Marvel villain. The two then head into a room which housed all of the items that were supposed to be sent into space via the slingshot. Ward figures out that the slingshot is a lie. Garrett picks up a weapon and shoots a hole thought the wall.

The BUS lands and Agent Coulson said he is going to find what Nick Fury wants them to find and his team can join him or not. They all join him.

A ton of prisoners of Shield come out of the hole in the wall and Garrett tells everyone to take as much as they can, while also saying the escaped prisoners should keep Coulson and his team busy for awhile. However, before they leave, Ward says he wants to shoot a hole in the floor because Coulson said there was something under there. Garrett doesn’t believe there is anything there, but when Ward blows a hole in the floor, they both look in and Garrett says “Hello gorgeous.”

Coulson and the team are in the middle of a snowy wilderness looking for Fury or whatever Fury has led them to. The team sees nothing and Skye asks Coulson how long until they leave. Coulson goes off on them and says HYDRA is out there and they are still Agents of SHIELD and that still means something. He apologizes and throws his badge in the air and a motion tracking gun comes out of the bushes and shoots the badge and then tries to focus on the team.

Agents of SHIELD

Agent Coulson comes out and faces the gun. He is asked to identify himself. He says he is Phil Coulson, Agent of SHIELD. The gun points into the air and welcomes him, as a giant door in the rock wall opens for them. Back with HYDRA, Rena tells Garrett there are complications with the hard drive because Skye programmed it to erase everything if anyone other than her accesses it. Garrett tells Ward that he knows what that means.

Coulson and the team enter the facility and come across Agent Eric Hanick,  who tells them that this is one of Fury’s secret bases – Providence. He asks them to follow him and then tells the team that Fury “didn’t make it out of D.C.” and that the Fridge has fallen. Skye calls Ward to see if he is OK. Agent Hanick pulls Coulson to another room and tells him that he has been there since the chitauri invaded New York (The Avengers). He then tells Coulson that Fury is indeed alive but only a few people can know about this (Captain America, Maria Hill and limited others). He tells Coulson that if he tells his team that Fury is alive they will have problems. Coulson asks if Eric is threatening him and he responds 100% – Fury’s orders. They are good.

Garrett talks to Ward about going to the secret base and getting the information for the hard drive from Skye. If he can’t get the information in 24 hours, Ward is to kill the team and bring Skye back to him. Garrett beats the crap out of Ward to make his story believable. Ward makes his way to the base where Skye meets him, Skye wants to get him medical attention and then get the drink he promised her.

Agents of SHIELD

After credits scene:

Rena leads Quinn to Garrett, Quinn is not happy about being put in jail under Garrett’s orders, and being left there. Quinn is also pissed that Garrett has no special gifts or powers. Garrett tells Quin that even thought he doesn’t have powers he does have something special for him. Garrett walks Quinn over to a covered box. Garrett takes off the covering and shows Quinn his Gravitonium, which is what Ward and Garrett found when they blasted a hole in the floor.

The Analysis 

Damn, I thought this was the episode where Nick Fury showed himself. Compared to last week episode this one was kind of a let down. I understand that high-ranking Agents of SHIELD can’t die in masses every week, but the episode really fell flat. We do finally know for sure that Garrett is the clairvoyant, but what is his play? Is he leading Hydra or just a tool implanted by the Hydra powers that be?