Home, James, the movie that won the award for Best Okie Feature at the 2013 deadCENTER Film Festival, has picked up distribution and will receive a limited theatrical release.

The limited theatrical run for Home, James will start on April 18 with screenings in Los Angeles and New York. On May 9, the movie will expand to Portland, Oregon and Tulsa, Oklahoma. The movie also was picked up for future distribution by Devolver Digital Films.

Home, James was a Kickstarter success story, as Jonathan Rossetti and Julie Gearheard raised $50,000 through the crowd fund raising platform to make their movie. Despite that remarkedly low sum of money, the movie looks like it cost much more.

“We only pulled it off because of tons of pre-planning,” Rossetti told Renegade Cinema back at the deadCENTER Film Festival. “I mean, ultimately, our shoot was only 17 days. I think [deadCENTER was] just a little over a year since we got the money from Kickstarter, and are now world premiering, we turned it around really fast, but we pre-planned for a long long time. And, especially Julie with the producing and the pre-planning of laying everything out and like we had the road map to follow, it was just a matter or actually following it once we got out there.”

The work paid off, as Renegade critic Tony Beaulieu called Home, James “the winner of deadCENTER 2013” in his Home, James review. deadCENTER agreed when they gave out their awards.

Home, James, shot around the city of Tulsa in 2012, tells the story of “James, an aspiring local photographer whose recent rejection from a major gallery has left him questioning his talent. While working his unfulfilling day job as a sober driver, James falls for Cooper, a hard drinking Tulsa socialite. James and Cooper are quickly consumed by a whirlwind romance that at first inspires and instills confidence in James, but ultimately threatens to derail him. In the end, the couple must decide whether to pursue their individual dreams or each other.”