The Breakdown

Two men go to the lock up cells in Corbin. Ryan is watching them when one of the men grabs a woman and drags her off. Ryan goes to the lockup cell and one of the men stop him. The man tells him to freeze and Ryan takes the mans gun, and strangles him. Claire tells Carrie that she wants to be put on TV in order to lure him out. Carrie wants to wait until they find Ryan before they do anything. Mike gets a call telling him that Kingston Tanner received a message from Joe. At Kingston’s house Mike watches the tape of Joe. Kingston wants to go on TV as well to call out Joe. Mike tells him that this wouldn’t do any good. Back at Corbin, Ryan is sneaking around the site as members are getting ready for another sacrifice meeting. A man comes up to Ryan and asks him why isn’t he in his room. Ryan beats up the man and takes his mask and clothes. At the sacrifice meeting Joe has Preston Tanner and the girl who was picked up from the hole. Joe wants Preston to kill the girl so he can show the video footage to his father. As Joe is talking Ryan shots at him. The guards try to stop him and ends up getting shot by Ryan.

Joe has a team to search the woods for Ryan. Emma is trying to convince Joe that the FBI could be on their way and this could all end. Joe feels that if this is the way it end then so be it. Mike and Max have found a house that Lily has in New Jersey, which is where a call she made was placed from. Lilly has received more info on Joe and wants to kill him. Mark wants to just leave the country since they have the family back together. Ryan gets captured by Joe’s men. Joe orders them not to kill him but to bring Ryan back to him.

The FBI storms the house that Lily was in to find that everyone is gone. The only thing that remains is the corpse of Mandy. Max and Mike figure out the that Lily want to kill each other. A member of Lillies “family” Alisander Duncan rented a car. Lucas is nervous about Ryan being at Corbin. He wants to leave before the FBI comes after them all. Joe and Ryan have a talk and Joe tells Ryan repeatedly how much he misses him. Ryan is trying to get information of this big job that Joe’s followers are executing.

The Following

Kingston speaks out against Joe ignoring the FBI’s wishes. Joe has Courtney and Preston brought into the room where Ryan is. One of the followers is recording. Joe tells Preston to kill Courtney. Joe feels that one of them needs to die. Claire calls Carrie and asks her about the interview. Carrie tells Claire that she can’t do it. Claire tells her that if she doesn’t she will call up several reporters that will do it. Carrie reconsiders and listens to Claire’s plan. Preston tells Joe no, one of the followers points a gun directly to Preston’s head. Preston begs no and then grabs the knife out of Joe’s hand. Ryan is telling Preston not to do this. Preston kill Courtney and Joe tells Preston welcome to the family.

Lily and her gang is outside of the compound. Lily doesn’t care if anyone dies but she wants Joe alive. Joe asks Ryan if he misses Claire. Joe tells Ryan that he misses her a lot an feels that she was his only regret. Emma comes in and tells Joe that black SUV are on their way. They are not sure if it’s FBI but they all need to leave now. The black trucks rush through the gate, several men jump out and shoot everyone on sire. Ryan bangs his chair up against the wall to get himself free. When he gets feel he goes outside and sees dead bodies everywhere. He grabs one of the dead guys guns and starts shooting Lillie people.

The Following

The FBI finally arrives at the compound and spots Ryan. They order him to drop his gun which he does. Max and Mike are going over the entrances to get out of Corbin and Max mentions the south gate. Mike runs off to the Southgate and Max locates Ryan. Mark goes up to Lilly to tell her that Luke ran off to get a better view, she encourages him to go and find his brother. Carrie goes on the air with a message from Claire that only Joe can understand. Joe is listening to this message and can’t believe his ears. Mike finds Lilly alone and is trying to stop himself from not shooting her. Max and Ryan then come around and plead to Mike not to shoot Lilly. Lily is telling Mike to just take her into custody. Ryan tells Mike that this isn’t his nature. Ryan tells Mike to not be like him. Mike finally gives in and shoots Lilly.

The Analysis 

I still haven’t gotten over the fact that Mandy is dead, oh well on to the next one. How in the world could Lily get a trace on Joe’s phone when the FBI can’t. Even if Joe wasn’t on the line long enough with the FBI, is he really that stupid to be on the phone long enough for Lily to trace it. Speaking of Lilly, I understand people drop like flies on this show but I figured the way they inserted Lilly in this year she would have at least made it to the season finale.