The remaining Contestants head to the Taj Mahal inspired Angeles Abbey Mausoleum and are met by McKenzie and Patrick Tatopoulos to receive their challenge.

Fitting for a mausoleum, the Contestants are tasked with making a vampire! Not just any vampires though, ones inspired by myths of different cultures, and given an unusual element that they must decide on. They head to a room filled with coffins, inside they pull out a stake with the inspiration for their vampire.

The Assignments

Nico- Aswang from the Philippines

Rashaad- Jiang Shi from China

George-Yara Ma Yha from Australian

Tyler- Sasabonsam from Ghana

The crew head back to the workroom, and get to work. Nico struggles with coming up with an extra extreme ability for his vampire, though his design for the vampire itself is strong. Rashaad’s Vampire comes along quickly, with an interesting venus flytrap inspired concept.

On day 2 the Contestants are faced with a few technical issues. The fingers created for George’s vampire bat creature come out looking comically large, so he resorts to tucking hair into the tops to try to tone down the cartoonishness of them. Rashaad’s facial prosthetic tears along the mouth and by the eye. He is left scrambling to remold his piece. Nico finally comes up with an extreme ability for his creature, a pronged blood sucking tail. Tyler’s vampire concept looks very confused, so it will be interesting to see how it will turn out.

On application day things come together for our men, though George realizes at the last minute that he has made more than one mistake on his creature’s fingers, placing the claws on the wrong sides, where the seams will show.

They head to the stage. The guest Judge this week is Len Wiseman, who helped create the Underworld franchise.

George’s face sculpt is nice, but the eyes look rough and unfinished, like a mask. Rashaad’s creature is smooth and well sculpted. The head of Tyler’s creature looks good, but the body is a mess. Nico’s vampire is grotesque, and probably the most unique concept on the stage.

Safe: George

Best: Rashaad

Worst: Nico, Tyler

Winner: Rashaad                           Sent Home: No one

At the end of the challenge McKenzie announces that no one is going home this week. Instead the Contestants are told this will be a 2 part challenge. Us viewers are left to wait and see next week what the second part will be.

This week was a bit disappointing, first with the vampire concept in general, which is greatly lacking in inspiration in the challenge itself, and in the overall designs done by the Contestants. I didn’t think Rashaad’s vampire was terribly impressive, but there was little other option left to the Judges. This season, I have felt let down by the lack of painting skills. George’s piece was nicely sculpted, but the harsh solid red looked too flat. Adding more black for depth and highlights would have gone a long way, or even making the red look more glazed would have been nice, like a coating of blood from head to toe. We will see if the next round of this challenge is more impressive.