On this week’s Bates Motel, Norma played with politics, Norman, Emma, and their partners took risks, and Dylan got to know his boss better.

The Breakdown

This week’s episode of Bates Motel entitled Plunge started with Norma making some decisions about her relationship with Nick. As the episode started, Norma found out about Norman’s drinking with Cody. She told Norman that she wanted no more secrets and headed off to see Nick. After some difficulty getting in to see Nick, he popped up right behind her and talked about how the council member, Berman’s death was convenient. Norma then explained that she appreciated his help, but basically did not want to continue their business relationship.

Dylan was picked up from the hospital by his boss, Jodi. She took Dylan back to her house, set him up in a room, and asked if she should call his family. Dylan let her know that his family would not be worried. Later when Jodi checked on Dylan she told him to be ready for dinner later. Before dinner Jodi showed Dylan the marijuana-growing accommodations and explained how she got into the business through her parents. Jodi also told Dylan that she wanted him to act as if he was in charge, instead of Zane, but without Zane knowing it.

Emma got cozy with her new beau after delivering towels to his motel room. The two agreed to meet up later for another date.

While Norman was about to head off on another date with Cody, Norma had a brief talk with Cody telling her that Norman and drinking did not mix. After almost getting caught at Cody’s house, the two hid in the closet where Norman had flashbacks of himself as a child with his mother hiding in a closet. After Cody’s father left, Norman and Cody went to the swimming hole instead of to work on props for the theatre.

Norma’s friend Christine showed up at the motel and told Norma that she needed to try for the seat on the city council since Berman’s death left an open seat. Norma was reluctant, but Christine explained that she and her husband could help. Norma agreed to meet with the mayor to discuss the seat. So, Norma set off to do the research needed to get herself the seat, while telling Christine that she would accept help from Christine’s brother George.

Norman and Cody, after stealing a bottle of rum from Cody’s house, headed to the swimming hole for some alone time. Around the same time, Emma and her boyfriend did the same – which brought both couples face-to-face. Instead of one packing up and heading out, the teens decided to go for a risky swim. Using a rope swing, both Norman and Emma’s boyfriend took their turns. Then Emma wanted her turn, which turned out to be a very bad idea. After stripping off her oxygen tank and landing in the water, Emma’s return to surface was delayed. When the boys saw this, they started in the water after her, when she popped up. Norman grabbed her tank and instructed the others to get blankets for her. It was obvious that the plunge for Emma was a very bad idea. At that point, Norman totally lost it. He yelled at Cody for giving Emma the idea to jump in and held Emma close trying to warm her up and make sure she was okay.

Norma spent some time at the kitchen table with George going over important points for her discussion with the mayor regarding the city council seat. George encouraged her to just be herself. It was obvious he was smitten with her…still.

Back at Jodi’s house, Dylan went to bed after dinner when he received a visit from her. She told him it was “nothing personal” as she climbed into bed with him and the two began to kiss and…

The next day, Emma visited Norman to make sure that he was okay from the events at the swimming hole. Norman explained that he was just worried about her, but it was obvious Emma thought there might be more to it (feelings for her perhaps).

Norma’s meeting with the mayor went well; although he asked about her relationships with both Christine and Nick. After getting the information from Norma he needed, he excused her.  Norma soon received a phone call informing her that she gotten the seat on the city council!

Later Cody showed up at the motel to tell Emma about Norman’s blackouts, since Norman asked Cody not to tell Norma. In return, Emma called Norma who happened to be waiting for Norman to take his driver’s test. Norma ran to the vehicle asking the instructor about blackouts which stopped the test from taking place.

On the way home from the non-driver’s test, Norman was fuming and when Norma explained where she received the information about his blackouts, it just got worse. Norman made her pull over the car, got out and walked to Cody’s house. Inside her house, he confronted Cody as she tried to keep him quiet because her father was sleeping. Her pleas did not work and her father came out of the bedroom angry. Norman yelled back at the father and was punched in the face and knocked to the ground. Norman jumped back up, attacked the father, and sent him falling down a flight of stairs. We heard a crack, assuming it was the man’s neck, and he was dead at the bottom of the stairs.

The Analysis

This episode of Bates Motel gave us a great ending. That’s why I have to start there. I think many of us could have seen it building up. We saw all of the drama that Cody had to put up with at home and since Norman was made aware of it, I bet most saw this coming. BUT, that does not downplay the series of events and what is about to come for Norman on the next episode!

The story with Dylan and his boss Jodi played out interestingly as well. However, I think on the last episode when I saw that she was a young, pretty woman and not some old man it became predictable. So, no surprises there.

Norma catching that seat on the city council was a nice touch. This episode made me start to wonder about 1) Christine’s real motives surrounding her infatuation with Norma and 2) Nick’s real motives for his offers of help to Norma’s anti-bypass plan. Who is playing who here? I cannot wait to find out.

What did you think of this week’s Bates Motel? Which do you think was the best story line in this week’s episode?