A couple of weeks ago we reported that Sony offered Ghostbusters 3 to the superstar directing team of Chris Miller and Phil Lord. The duo took a book and made it into a very good animated movie, an old TV show and made it one of the funniest movies of the year, and toys and actually created an original and entertaining movie.

If anyone could make Ghostbusters 3 a success, it was Lord and Miller.

If Phil Lord and Chris Miller can’t make Ghostbusters 3 work, I have serious doubts that anyone can.

Honestly, Bill Murray has been fighting the movie for years, and now that Harold Ramis has died, that only leaves Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson as the only original Ghostbusters left who want anything to do with the movie. If even Ivan Reitman walked away from directing duties, one has to wonder if they should make a Ghostbusters 3 at all.

Honestly, if Phil Lord and Chris Miller feel they can’t make Ghostbusters 3 work, I don’t think anyone can. As much as I hate to use this word, this might just need to be a place where Sony chooses to REBOOT instead of pushing on with a sequel. Without the original guys, this won’t be much of a sequel anyway.