The development for Chronicle 2 has been slow over the last few months, after the original film’s writer Max Landis left the project last year after Fox turned down his pitch for the sequel.  However, it now appears that Fox has finally brought Chronicle 2  back on track after hiring newcomer Jack Stanley to write the script.

It’s no surprise that Fox is still wanting to move forward with a Chronicle given the unexpected success of the first film.  When it was released back in early 2012, it grossed $126 million worldwide against a $12 million budget.  It also helped advance the careers of both Dane DeHaan and Michael B. Jordan, who have now both secured major roles in big budget superhero movies.

Of course, I’m not entirely sold on Stanley being the right choice to write the film mostly due to his lack of experience.  From what I can tell he has yet to write a produced screenplay.  Before being hired to write Chronicle 2, his most noteworthy accomplishment was writing a script called Sweetheart, which made the 2013 Black List.  Though to be fair to Stanley, according to Slashfilm, his Sweetheart script is currently in development, so he may end up having a produced credit to his name fairly soon.

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Source: Slashfilm