The Breakdown

A woman gets into a cab and the driver drives off. In the middle of the ride the driver  starts driving really fast and the woman wants him to stop. The drivers says he is sorry Ms.  Mitchell. The woman asks how does he know her name. The driver drives into a truck, which blows up the cab and kills them both. A man who has pictures of both of them shreds them and calls to make a wire transfer. This same creep goes into an apartment where a lot of mushrooms are growing. He lays with them for a while and goes and sits in a chair. The man has scabs all over him, takes a deep breath and takes off his nose. He drinks something from one of the mushrooms he blended up and sits under UV light noseless and all.

Tom asks Lizzie to renew their wedding vows. Lizzie says yes but after he leaves the room she throws and breaks a bunch of stuff even taking it out on a poor innocent pancake. Lizzie goes to a secret evidence room where she has a wall with Tom and everything she has on him. Red comes in and Lizzie asks him what does he know about Tom. Red tells her that Tom brought 3 passports years ago and he has been tracking Tom ever since he came into Lizzie’s life. Red also tells her that the people Tom works for are very careful and he hasn’t gotten much info on them. Lizzie tells Red about the wedding and Red thinks it’s a great idea to gather more information on the people Tom works for. Lizzie wants to know more but Red tells her once they find out who Tom works for everything will come out. Red then gives Lizzie a new case. The man (mushroom guy) is called the undertaker and convinces people to kill themselves in a murder suicide. Red has no idea how any of the people are chosen. The undertaker is talking to a woman and she begins to cry. He is giving her a mission. The woman goes to a gas station and sees a man on the phone. She ask him is he Bennett Corcoran? He says yes and she pours gasoline over him. She says she’s sorry and that she has a bother. She lights a lighter and they both burn.

The woman is named Dee Torres and has a medical condition. Lizzie tells Cooper about the information that Red gave her about the undertaker. They look into the woman’s past as well as the cab drivers and find out that money has been sent to their love ones. Cooper wants to know where the money is coming from and he ask Lizzie to talk to the family of the cab driver. The wife of the cabbie tells them that her husband was losing it. She says that his condition was getting worst (dementia) and that he shouldn’t have been driving the cab. Lizzie ask did they have money problem and she tells them that her husband has an uncle (that she never know exited) that died who left them money. The undertaker goes to another man who is dying, gives him a cigarette and tells him that he is offering him something better than insurance. He offers him a way for his wife to pay the mortgage and send his daughter to college. The undertaker write a figure on a piece of paper and the man wants to hear more.

Tom gets home and Lizzie has all of their friends and family at the house. Lizzie tells Tom’s bother to help him get dressed and shave. Lizzie takes the glass that Tom’s brother (Craig) was drinking out of and hides it in a drawer. Tom and his “brother” talk in the bathroom. Craig tells Tom that Lizzie was asking about their parents, who died. Criag thinks that Lizzie knows what is going on. Tom tells Craig that he is one step ahead of her and that marring Lizzie again was part of his plan. At the wedding Lizzie gives a very cryptic speech about how great he future will be with Tom.

Aram has found the undertakers account which of course is in the Cayman islands. Aram has found one transfer that has gone to a man who is still alive. The man who the undertaker was talking too (Danny Moss). Lizzie and Ressler to go the political rally. Mr. Moss is approaching a politician that is speaking. Danny pulls out a gun and says that he is sorry. Lizzie and Ressler stop Danny and draw their gun on him and ask him to stop. Danny asks if he is going to take care of their family? Lizzie has no answer then she asks him is this the way he wants to die? Red visits with a man to get him to run prints from the glass took from Craig. After Danny is apprehended Lizzie calls Red and ask did he get the information on Craig? Red tells her that he has and that the 3 of them need to talk. Lizzie goes to a hotel and knocks Craig out and tells him that they need to talk,.

Lizzie has Craig locked under the sink, Craig is still not talking. She gets a call and has to leave. Craig tells her that she didn’t think this through. Lizzie tells her yes she actually did. Red knocks on the door and Lizzie leaves. Malik tells Lizzie and Ressler that the undertaker gave Danny a cigarette and that he knew that Danny was sick. Malik finds out that Danny and the other killers had life insurance through the same company. Malik and Ressler go to the insurance company, while Lizzie bails out. Red takes Craig to an art exhibit and Craig still refuses to talk. Dembe wheels out Craig’s mom and Red takes Craig back to the hotel.

Malik and Ressler talk to a man at the insurance company. He tells them that Milton is the man who handled dead policies. Meaning people who were dropped in coverage. He is told that Milton volunteers to bring the recently deceased flowers and has a fascination with death. Malik and Ressler got to Milton’s house and find his wild mushroom kingdom but not Milton. Milton is at a parking lot where he pulls a gun on his old doctor Osborn.  Milton has diabetes. Lizzie goes back to the hotel where Red and Dembe are watching TV. They try to get info out of Craig but he doesn’t say much. He just tells them that everything about Tom is a lie and that he doesn’t know any names. Craig does mention Berlin but says nothing else and jumps out of the window. Ressler, Malik and Cooper find out that Milton has been carrying out his last three murders on his own. The connection to the last few was a test trial for diabetes. Milton was a patient, the first woman (Ms. Mitchell) screened all of the applicants, Bennett Corcran was the backer and Dr. Osborn was the leading doctor. Cooper wants more info and Malik tells him that Milton has no family or friends. Ressler says that the only thing he may care about is the cemetery where he puts the flowers down. Malik thinks that this where he wants to die. Milton and the doctor are at the cemetery. Milton tells the doctor about all the good he is doing but it doesn’t make up for all the bad the doctor did. Milton takes off his shirt and shows Osborn the bomb that he has on. Police sirens go off in a distance and Milton puts the gun to Osborn.

Malik, Lizzie and Ressler go to the cemetery where Osborn and Milton are. Milton wants everyone to stop. Ressler goes up to Osborn (puts his gun away) and arrests him to Milton’s dismay. Osborn asks why isn’t anyone arresting Milton? Ressler tells him that Milton doesn’t have an intention of being arrested today. As Ressler takes Osborn away Milton blows himself up. Red and Lizzie go back to the secret room where all of the “Tom” evidence is. Red moves a piece of paper that says “Berlin” on it and moves it to the top. Lizzie asks what does it mean and Red has no clue. Lizzie puts the key back under the lamp. When she puts the screwdriver back in her purse Tom says hey. Lizzie tells Tom that she tried to call his brother so that they could have dinner before he left. Tom tells her that his brother already left and had to take the red-eye. Lizzie tells Tom that he and his brother couldn’t be anymore different. Lizzie is about to walk out of the room when Tom stops her and says “hey were newlyweds” Lizzie takes off her coat and they begin to kiss.

The Analysis 

How do you go from clearly blowing people up and making murders look like accidents to using guns? This wasn’t the best episode, the content could have had potential but the execution was horrible . Maybe I just has a sick feeling in my stomach watching a man take up his nose and being covered in scabs.