The Breakdown

A man alone in a high-tech lab, has monitors flash and things going crazy. The man in the lab calls someone and says that they’ve been compromised. Then he gets in the car and drives away. Someone activates the airbag, killing the man instantly. Red is with Mr. Kaplan in the woods. Mr. Kaplan found Jolene and Cowboy’s bodies. Red calls in Jolene as a missing person and tells Mr. Kaplan to put it back exactly how he found it. Liz gives Tom an  Uncle Flippo flashlight. A Detective Debarros knocks on the door and tells them that Jolene is missing. Lizzie says that she will help in any way. Tom plays dumb. Because Lizzie has to meet with the detective, she runs late for her meeting with Red. When she arrives, he gives her a clip of the paper about the car accident. He says that it wasn’t an accident. It was the work of a hacker named Ivan.

Lizzie is running through the case. When she finishes, she, Aram and Ressler go to check out the car. Before, Lizzie asks Aram to check into Jolene’s phone records. Aram finds that the car accident was on purpose. The airbag went off before the accident and a binary code for IVAN was left. Now more black SUVs surround the area. The dead guy, Nathan Platt worked with the NSA. And the thing that he has the skeleton key. The skeleton key was to be used for cyber warfare. Lizzie tells Red this information and he needs to go and track Ivan down and figure out what he is up to. In Minsk, Red tricks Ivan. Red tells him that he owes him $5 million dollar that he stole from Red plus interest. Ivan refuses. So, Red tells him that the police are after him and he can get him out. When the police arrive, Ivan agrees to pay Red $8 million in exchange safety. Ressler chases after them and Red shoots him. This was a hoax as Ressler is not dead. Lizzie is looking up Jolene and Tom comes downstairs. Lizzie tells Tom that Jolene was a false name and false life and Tom is shocked.

On Red’s plane, Ivan tells Red that it wasn’t him who stole the key and he doesn’t know who it is. So, Ressler and Malik keep looking into Ivan. It turns out that a woman named Ruby Lee’s social security payments were increased. When they talk to her, she tells them that she knows nothing about this. Malik tell her that this may be a hacker. Ruby Lee says she can’t even set her thermostat without her grandson. In a local high school a weird kid is talking a test and looking at one of classmates oddly. Lizzie realizes that Jolene’s last call was to her. She goes to the address where the call was made. Before she goes, she calls her husband and tells him the address.  Tom is inside doing all of his super secret spy stuff. Tom rushes to wipe the scene of all details and burn them. Lizzie walks in to see burner phones, guns and TV monitors. She realizes that there is a fire outside and someone may be there. So she looks around. Tom hides behind a door, then closes the door on Lizzie. For good measure Tom donkey punches his wife (without her seeing him) and runs off.

Lizzie calls the detective and tells him what happens. Then, she asks him if she can be put on the case. Tom calls his handler and tells them that he has been compromised and needs to liquidate. At the high school Ressler, Malik and Liz then go to find Harrison Lee.  When he sees the cops, he runs. When they chase him, he uses the skeleton key to set off the school alarm and escape. Lizzie tell Red this and Red wants to know why is she here. Lizzie asks him about Jolene, Red tells her he knows nothing. Red has one of his “I may know something” but you’ll never find out with Lizzie, Lizzie stomps out because she thinks her life was perfect before Tom donkey punched her, Red came into her life. Aram learned that Harrison goes to the same school as the NSA task force leader’s daughter and that he is cyber crazy. When the FBI try to call the leader, all of the lights go out in the entire city.

Harrison texts Abby, He pretends to be her friend. Lizzie and Ressler go to the NSA directors house and tells him that Abby may be in danger. Harrison tells Abby to follow the street lights. He leads her to what is supposedly the “Branch ave” metro station. He explains that he is a nutcase and that she doesn’t have to move (which probably make her want to move more). He says that he loves her and that he is keeping her from moving to Colorado. Abby freaks out, like a normal person would, and tries to run away. Harrison chases her but she falls on the stairs and knocks herself out. Harrison hops on a train. Lizzie chases the train and jumps into it horribly.

Lizzie tries to convince him to stop the train notices that this whole thing was for Abby. Lizzie convinces Harrison just in time to stop the train. The train barley has enough room to top. When it finally does Lizzie radios into Malik for them to get her. Abby wakes up and finds her father and all is right with the world. Lizzie asks Ressler to have dinner with her and Tom out of pity, Ressler declines.

Lizzie goes home, exhausted, and tells Tom that she needs wine. She also tells him that someone knocked her down at Jolene’s apartment. Tom is highly upset that a stranger punched his wife and can not control his person. She checks her email and sees the evidence for Jolene’s case. As she looks through the pictures she stops on a picture of the trashcan. It is Uncle Flippo in the can.

Flashback of all of the Tom hints that she missed. Of every time Red tried to tell her that Tom was not who he claimed to be. Hopefully a revelation of her understanding why Red gave up on her crossed her mind as well.

Lizzie goes to Red’s house. She tells him that you we’re right. Red shows her a music box that he made. She says that she recognized the song. She said that it was a song that her father used to sing her after she had nightmares. Lizzie realizes that Red spent days building that damn music-box and that Red knew about the song and was leading she to the truth. As the song plays, she lays her head in his lap and he tells her that everything is going to be ok.

The Analyst 

This is why you can’t tell women anything, sometimes you must lead them to a few breadcrumb and hope they figure it out. At one point in this series. I think around Frederick Barnes episode why Red has almost given up on Lizzie and even was going to leave if she just said so. Now I see it’s because she may be the dumbest FBI agent in Virginia. Or maybe the fact that the “FBI” that she works for is the dumbest FBI that has even been written in TV history. They let an employee work there with a fake background check. Don’t do a background check on her husband or just miss the fact that not only is he not American he is a Russian spy. They bring in the spy and let him walk out of the door after finding information of a murder, a box of money and passports (where simple prints could have cleared that up and wrapped up Tom’ situation in episode 4 or 5). I mean before I got my first (government) job investigators talked to my third grade teacher and I was just an intern and they can’t figure out the nationality of a agents husband that was mysterious given the “keys to the FBI’s  kingdom”. But that is not that part that bothers me the most about this show. What bothers me the most is that the description of D.C. is so god awful. I understand this show isn’t shot in D.C., most television show that are depicted in D.C. are not. But out of House of Cards, Scandal and even Alpha House. They all make it “seem” that they are shot in D.C. Even the X-File which were shot in Canada could show a building that is actually housed in D.C.

End Rant