The Breakdown

Olivia is talking to a reporter (Noah Baker) that has an interview scheduled with the first family. Olivia wants the interview pushed back. Noah doesn’t want to do this since the Grants scheduled this interview weeks ago. Olivia goes into the room with Fitz, Mellie and the children and tells them that they need to talk.

Mellie and Fitz are nervous about having dinner with their kids let alone having a family interview. Olivia, David and her team are trying to figure out where B6-13 is getting their money from. The team is exhausted and is not faring well with their efforts. Olivia wants them to pick this search up tomorrow. Huck tells Olivia that this is dangerous. He tells her that B6-13 doesn’t get taken down, they take people down and then kills them. Charlie is asking Quinn once again why was Huck at her house and what did he wants. Quinn tells Charlie that they were arguing but does not tell him that Huck knows that she stole the files from Olivia’s office. Charlie asks Quinn if she wants him to kill Huck. Quinn tells Charlie no and kisses him. They have a man name Dimitri in the truck. Dimitri (who has ties to Ivan) is being talked about in the situation room by Fitz and his cabinet. Dimitri went missing and was last seen in Baltimore. Olivia is briefing the kids on the interview and trying to prep them on what not to say. After speaking with the kids, Olivia calls Abby and wants her to look into the kids. Olivia walks by a room and sees Mellie exiting. A few seconds go past and Andrew leaves the same room. Olivia tells Andrew to stay away from the first lady. Andrew tells Olivia that she is one to talk in so many words.

Rowan calls Olivia and tell her to stop digging into B6-13. Oliva doesn’t budge, she asks him how do they do it. Rowan tells Olivia goodbye. Maya calls Ivan and tells him not to back out on her. Dimitri is linked to Ivan and, Ivan is getting cold feet. Adnan is also getting cold feet. Maya tells Adnan that they are moving forward until she wants to stop. Charlie is asking Quinn about the Huck incident again and Quinn messes up her story. Quinn tries to play little miss ” I’m so confused, it happened so fast” when Charlie catches her lie, he then asks her to move in with him. Quinn tells him that she has a gun and made it clear to Huck not to come back. Quinn then asks if she can drill. Charlie gives Quinn the drill and Quinn threatens Dimitri. Quinn wants to know where Ivan is. Dimitri doesn’t give in and Quinn goes to work. Huck is in an alley beating up a man and gets call from Abby. Olivia is in the white house going over the interview points and Abby calls her and tells her that Jerry is running an anti Fitz campaign. Abby got his site and his twitter feed shut down. Abby also tells Olivia that Jerry went shopping. Fitz got a opponents t-shirt from out of Jerry’s room and tells him that he isn’t wearing it during the interview and that he knows about the smear campaign. Jerry and Karen walk out and Karen runs into her mother, naked with Andrew. When Olivia follows Karen out the room she sees Mellie and Andrew as well.

Harrison calls Oliva and tells her that he needs to come back to the office. At the office Adnan is there and she tells Olivia about her mother. Adnan says what Maya is planning is going too far. Olivia doesn’t want to help Adnan. Harrison pulls Olivia to the side. Harrison tells Olivia that he owes Adnan because he never told Olivia the whole story between him and Adnan. Olivia rushes into the room with Adnan and tells her to tell her everything now in her usual demanding way. Adnan says that she is just like her mother. They both want what they want when they want it. Adnan tells her that she isn’t telling anything until she gets immunity. Mellie goes into Karen’s room and tries to tell her “it’s not what you think”. Karen tells Mellie that she saw her mother on her knees with Uncle Andrew. Karen wants to leave the white house and go back to school. Mellie is against it. Fitz calls Jake into his office and wants Jake to hand over Dimitri. Jake plays coy and tells Fitz that he doesn’t have him and if he did he wouldn’t hand him over. Jake tells Fitz that he doesn’t take orders from him. Fitz tells Jake that he is the commander-in-chief. Jake tells Fitz that he is command and he is the one the starts wars, kills world leaders and helps america sleep safe at night. Jake tells Fitz that he is there to kiss babies, shake hands and to look pretty doing it. Cyrus walks into the office with Fitz and Jake. Cyrus tries to hit Jake with an object of some sort. Fitz breaks them up, The secret service comes in and Fitz tells them to stand down. Cyrus still tries to charge Jake and screams that he killed James. Fitz finally gets Cyrus to claim down and Jake says that he should leave and tells Cyrus that he is sorry for his lost.

Cyrus talks to Fitz and tells him that if James would have exposed the truth it would have hurt them all. Cyrus says that Jake was just working under the best intentions of the president. As Olivia is about to enter the White House she gets a call from her mother. Maya wants Adnan back and Olivia tells her no because Maya will kill her. Maya is disappointed in Olivia because she thinks she is on the right of this. Maya calls Olivia the help and says that she is fine with that as long as she stays out of her way. Adnan talks to Harrison about what happen in the past. Harrison sold Adnan out and Adnan wanted to run away with him and start over. Harrison says that they are even. Adnan says not quite. She wants them to start over now. She drops her drawers (literally) and sits on the couch. Mellie tells Olivia that she needs to cancel the interview. Olivia tells her that cancelling will destroy the lives of Karen and Jerry. Mellie asks Olivia “what are they paying her for”. Olivia tells Mellie she will try and have it postponed.

Flashback Olivia talking to Noah about postponing the interview. (beginning of the show) Olivia is now talking to Karen and Jerry and telling them that they have to do the interview. Fitz walks in and wants to know why Karen and Jerry are not dressed. They tell Fitz that they are not doing the interview. Fitz tells them that if they can’t do it for him at least do it for their mother. Karen tells Fitz that their mother is the one that disrespected their marriage by sleeping with Uncle Andrew. Fitz walks out and Olivia tries to stop him. Fitz asks Olivia when was she gong to tell him and she says after the interview. Fitz walks into the office where Andrew is and punches him in the face.

Charlie and Quinn have found Ivan and tells Jake where Ivan is. Quinn meets Huck by a bridge for some more face licking. Huck wants Quinn out of B6-13. After Quinn licks Huck’s face she kisses him and pushes him away and leaves. Harrison and Adnan finish the horizontal monkey dance and she tells him that she never would have turned on him. Adnan puts a needle into Harrison’s back and says now we are even. Jake goes to Rowan at his “job” at the Smithsonian. Jake tells Rowan to stop prying tin B6-13 business. Rowan goes into his dramatic fast talking ways about how Jake came to him for a friend and tells Jake that he and Jake are not the same. Rowan tells Jake that he is alone. Jake tells Rowan that he will act alone when he has to kill him. At the White house, Fitz runs into a room and Mellie goes in behind him. Andrew tries to go into the room and  Olivia a tells him to stop and turn around. There is a plane waiting for him and he needs to leave. Fitz and Mellie argue about her sleeping with Andrew and Fitz wants to know how long this has been going on? Fitz claims that Mellie ruined the marriage that they had. Fitz keeps repeating that Mellie ruined the marriage because she turned cold after she had Jerry. He brings up that Mellie wouldn’t let Fitz touch her. Mellie tells him that if he only knew what she has done to get him where he is. Fitz tells her what has she lost? When he has lost his marriage and his wife. Olivia comes into the room and tries to get them focused on the interview and Fitz yells at her saying that he is talking to his wife. Olivia leaves the office and Fitz tells her that he is sorry.

Olivia is about to leave the White house and Cyrus stops her. Cyrus wants her to stay because he can not do his job without her. Olivia asks Cyrus to tell her that they are not the help. Cyrus can’t tell her that. Cyrus can tell her that he thinks that what they do is important and what they do, they do it for a reason. Cyrus needs her to go back and fix this problem. Not only to fix the Grants but the entire country. Olivia goes back into the office that Fitz is in and tells him that she is dong her job. She tells him that he needs to fix this and apologize to his family not her because they have an interview to do. Fitz goes to Mellie, grabs her hand and they proceed to go and talk to the kids. Abby and David come back to the office. Abby finds Harrison still on the floor but he is breathing. Adnan is back at the hotel with Ivan and Maya. Adnan is selling plans of the president’s security detail and all of the contingencies to the detail. Jake and B6-13 are watching the meeting take place. One of Jake’s workers tell Jake that they have snipers near the hotel and the building locked down and that they are ready to go at anytime. Jake tells them to stand down and to follow Ivan to see how this plays out. Charlie moves in with Quinn without him telling her. Charlie moved in to protect her from Huck (or to snoop on her). Noah is wondering what is the delay with the Grants and Fitz and the family walk into the room where the interview is to be held. Fitz asks Mellie is she ok, she says yes and they are ready to go. Olivia gets a call from her dad and he tells her that B6-3 doesn’t get funding from one government agency they get the funding from all of them. Olivia asks him why is he helping her and he tells her that they are family and families stick together,

The Analysis 

Don’t die Harrison, Don’t die!!! Just as we were getting some background on this guy they better not kill him off. On a better note I honestly thought that Mellie was going to tell Fitz about his dad raping her. I guess the incident that was more shocking was the fact that Rowan is actually helping Olivia. I wondered since he got canned was he going to reconcile his relationship with his daughter, after the incident in the park I figured that no way was this going to happen. Maybe after Jake threatened him and he is no longer surrounded by the veil of government power he finally figured out that Olivia is the only person that actually gives a damn about him now.