A new Kickstarter campaign has started with filmmakers Dylan R. Nix and Shane Williams to make their short film Meet Our Director. They are looking to raise $4,000 to make the movie.

“Although we know we could make this film with no budget at all, we want to do it right and professionally which means we want to pay our cast and crew,” the filmmakers said. “We want to have craft services, and professional equipment. We want to be able to properly advertise the film, get permits, rights, licenses, etc.”

So, what is the movie about?

Marshall has just gotten engaged to his girlfriend Becky and the first person they want to tell is their best friend Fletcher Cote who dropped out of college after his first semester. So they go back home to surprise him when they discover that their friend, after having been fired from his job, has become an amateur porn artist. But before long, as Marshall and Becky watch cautiously from the sidelines, Fletcher surprisingly begins to rake in the cash, which peaks the young couples interest. Especially with their future in front of them and a wedding to pay for.

Check out their Kickstarter trailer below for ‘Meet Our Director’ and if it looks interesting to you, hit up their Kickstarter page and give them a pledge.

[fresh_video url=”http://youtu.be/40ef_50kv54″]