The Breakdown

Jake shoot James and makes a deal with David. Jake wants David to work with him on this and will spare him his life. David has been given the case ans it seems that James was the victim of a car jacking. Cyrus is handed the news by Olivia whom promises to send the killer to jail for the rest of their life. Ethan freaks out and Olivia threatens to fire him if he doesn’t get it together and take care of Cyrus.

Flashback Cyrus and James meeting for the first time on the Grant campaign trial. James comes up to Cyrus wanting a quote, Cyrus shoots him down. The 2 talk about a article James wrote in his hippie newspaper in Boston. James also tells Cyrus to shave his neck beard.

Mellie wants to have Grant step out and talk about gun reform and Fitz doesn’t want to use James death to boost his poll numbers. Sally calls Fitz to give her suport and tell her that she won’t be using this as a platform, which is a lie. Olivia noticed that Shelby Moss was not at the white house press briefing and that James was not killed in a car jacking. Olivia tells Abby to go after David because he could be a target. Jake gets a call from Olivia and she tells him that she doesn’t think James died in a car jacking. She wants his help but he says he will try but after he is in the middle of something. (That something is buring the bodies of Shelby and Vanessa)

Maya (Momma Pope) gets paid by Adnan. Adnan wants to know what is the next move. Maya needs to hire a killer and someone to take the fall. Adnan thought that it would just ne her and Maya. Harrison is not having any luck finding Vanessa or Shelby. Cyrus is in an uproar over the fact that Sally is making a play for key states in the upcoming election.

Flashback Cyrus and James on the campaign trial. James wants to know why Fitz is not taking a stand on marriage equality when he has a gay campaign manger. Cyrus denies that he’s gay and James wants to know why he shaved if he isn’t.

Olivia has Huck look inot Leo to see where he was at the time of the murders. Huck has found nothing on Leo but while checking the camera for Olivia’s safe finds video of the peson who broke into it. A ex con named Lance is approahed by Quinn and Charlie about taking the fall for James’ death. Lance is a dying man and Charile convices him that inmates get medical care including transplants (which Lance needs). Lance is cacth and David wants to hold off on making an arrest until ballistics comes back from the gun.

Flashback Cyrus and James outside while Fitz is making a speech during the campaign. James comes out and admits that he likes him. Cyrus awkwardly tried and follows suit but just comes out and kisses James.

Cyrus wants to send Micheal and Mellie  down to Houston to fight the gun control battle for Fitz. Sally is on her way their when Fitz has Air Force 2 grounded to twart her efferts. Mellie and Icheal are trying to wrangle suport for Fitz when?? wants a statment. Maya and Adnan meet with 2 men that she has hired. Maya usually meets with Ivan but he sent someone else. Maya shoots one of the men and tells the other to have Ivan show up. Huck tells Olivia that Quinn was the one who broke into the safe. Olivia confronts jake about B6-13 involvment in James’ death. Olivia comes on as bossy and spoiled and order Jake to tell her “who put him up to this” Jake tells her that he is command and he doesn’t take orders he gives them. Jake tells her that he didn’t just hand out the order he carried them out as well.

Cyrus comes to his office and sees that his office is covered with flowers. Flashback of james argueing with Cyrus over that fact that Cyrus didn’t take Jame t the ingural ball.

Adnan comes up to Harrison in a gargae asking if his boss has friends at the justice department. A carr pulls off making tire noise and Adnan says nevermind and leaves. Jake comes to David and wonders why they hasn’t been an arrest made in Jame’ case being as Jake has hand delievered a suspect to David. David says that their will be. Olivia meets Rowan at the park. Rowan comes off as cold once again and Olivia wants him to be her dad. Olivia is losing hope because there are no good guys and what is the point if no one is worth saving. Rowan asks her whats wrong and she tells him about Sally killing her husband and Jake killing 3 people. Rowan says “Oh that” and Olivia wants to walk off and Rowan stops her. Rowan tells her that he is responsible of for killing 183 people. Rowan tells her that when become command you are the one who chooses who lives and who dies and are acting as the hand of god. Rowan tells her that this job is the worst job in the world. He also tells her that everyone is worth saving, this is the point. Olivia starts crying, Rowan wants to know if he is finished playing dad now.

The group that Mellie and Micheal went after come to an agreement after Mellie agrees to have Fitz make a speech supporting the 2nd amendment. Cyrus feels that this speech is not the move to take instead of battling Sally, Cyrus wants to steal votes from the right.

Flashback Cyrus is tells Fitz that he is seeing someone and wants to know if him seeing a journalist will be a problem. Fitz says that it won’t be a problem. Fitz more importantly wants to know if Cyrus is in love. After Cyrus tells him that he is Fitz tells him that is all that matters.

Fitz comes out and speaks on gun violence. This leave Sally with the endorsement that Mellie and Micheal was working on. Fitz speech work which grabs him 4% or independent voters. Mellie and Micheal are debating on background checks on gun and end up in each others arms and rolling around on the floor of a Houston hotel. Abby comes home to David and wants her to tell him what is going on. David tells Abby that he doesn’t want to send an innocent man to jail. David tells her that he watch as Vanessa and Shelby were murdered. Quinn comes home to find Huck in her apartment. Quinn tries to attack him when Huck grabs her and tells her that she is broken and how she wanted him to know that she took the file from Olivia’s safe. Huck then goes in for the nastiest TV kiss ever and Quinn tells him that if Huck isn’t going to kill her then to get out.

Abby goes to Olivia and tells her the position that David is in. Harrison tells Olivia about Adnan and Huck comes in telling Olivia about Quinn. Olivia looks at the team speachless and stares blankley at the wall. Olivia meets with David about locking up Lance. Olivia’s plan is to go after B6-13 as a whole. Olivia wants David to lose this battle in order for them to win the war. This can only happen if David moves forward and then they can stand together on taking out B6-13. Olivia tells Cyrus that they has apprened a suspect in connection with James case. Cyrus gets up and goes and leads the press confence about the arrest.

Flashback Of the first state dinner under Fitz. Cyrus is walking around sad. Cyrus goes out to the lobby and lets James in. Cyrus leads James to the room and starts dancing with him, Fitz looks on with a very happy look on his face.

Cyrus breaks out crying in the middle of the press conference. Fitz goes in to save him from and Cyrus screams “Let me do my job”. Olivia walks up to the podium and finishes that press conference. Flashback of Jake after shooting James. Jake tells James that he had to make this messy in order to make it look like an accident. He wish he could have shot him cleanly, like he did with the girls. Jake says with James until he dies. Jake also tells James that his daughter is safe. 

The Analysis

 The best part of the episode for me came within the last 10 minutes or so when Fitz was asking Cyrus about being in love and then seeing Cyrus and James dance at the White House dinner. Fitz look on at Cyrus with a child like sense of joy, which I found rather amusing. Even thought this is a TV show, I thought those two sense where really great and rather comforting. In a world where we have so may people coming about gay marriage it was reassuring to see Fitz support Cyrus.

As far as the episode, I also enjoyed seeing part of the story of hoe James and Cyrus meet. It’s sad that we can’t have more of that. Sometimes I do not get Olivia Pope, you send all you’re time trying to find out and have people tell you the truth. When you finally find out that there aren’t any white hats, that everyone is evil and there is no point why are you shocked. I understand that no one wants to know that they father killed 183 people but what did you expect from Jake? He has a pass to do what he wants when he wants, as I said last week. If you are a fan of Jake, that might change because Jake’s character is turning for the worst…unless you like that whole bad boy thing.