How do you turn a boring Thursday into the greatest day of your life? You drop the trailer for the latest instalment of the Step up franchise on the web. Step up All In is the Fifth episode in the half a Billion dollar series which launched the career of an otherwise unknown Channing Tatum.

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Confession: When Step up:3D graced the screen back in 2010, I went to it ironically. A dance movie that was being released in 3D? Are you serious? As it turned out it was the most fun I had had in cinemas since Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Of course, the story was more or less cribbed from TriStar’s Breakin’2: Electric Boogaloo. Kids like to dance. Place where kids dance is going to be sold (or bulldozed). Kids dance to make money to save it. Kaboom! Box office Magic. I walked in a sceptic, and walked out a believer.

Side note: To this day Step up 3D had the 2nd best 3D I have ever seen. What’s the list? Creature from the Black Lagoon, Step up 3D– tonnes of other movies, Avatar.

Step Up All In will once again be in 3D so we have nothing buy high hopes. Perhaps James Cameron will give it a watch to learn how one actually uses the gimmick (and it is a gimmick!) 3D properly. The film will take the old faces and the new to a dance competition in Las Vegas. Which I think, this might be the first time Vancouver has stood in for Vegas. Damn, that city has it all.

It is easy to diss on the dance franchise because, well, its dance and no one respects dance, BUT—- and it is a big one— the dancing is phenomenal. The sheer talent of these kids is more than I (and I assume most people out there) have for anything. Except, my knowledge of Star Wars- Original series, not the crap prequels- I can run circles around anyone in that regard. *Consults Rusty Miller’s Jedi Master Quiz Book.

Step Up: All In

For a franchise to make that kind of money for a genre that most people either have not seen, or pretend they have not seen, it is a remarkable achievement. My eyes are opened. And if a short, fella with horn-rimmed shows up at your door with a copy of Step up 3D in hand saying, “Have you heard the word?” Please don’t slam the door, invite him in- he just might make your day.

“My name is James C. and I am a Step-up-aholic.”

James C.