Back in the states, and to the kid’s space museum in Pasadena for this week’s challenge, the contestant’s are challenged to make a creature that would honor Author Roald Dahl. The Author’s Daughter Lucy Dahl is there to deliver the challenge for the 50th anniversary of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the crew must make a character named in the book that has never been on screen. They pull giant crayons from a box to get their character names.


Rashaad & Tyler: Whangdoodles

George & Chloe: Vermicious Knid

Graham: Snozzwangers

Nico & Daran: Hornswogglers

They sketch inside the children’s center to get childlike inspiration for their make-up challenge, then head back to the lab.


The first day the teams hit the ground running, Michael Westmore has mostly positive critiques for all but George. He recommends that George pull more whimsy into his idea and exaggerate it’s features, so he must restart his sculpt.

Day 2 Chloe is still sculpting, her work scupt looks beautiful, but will likely cause time problems before the end of the challenge. Nico’s piece is huge, unable to lift his mold with out cracking, he calls on Rashaad for help. They manage to get it open with out damage. Rashaad and Tyler are already painting on Day 2, way ahead of the rest. So far their paint jobs look great. Chloe is worried, running out of time on day 2.

Day 3 Chloe runs her cowl in poly-foam. After waiting for it to set, she finds it hasn’t cured at all and scraps the cowl completely, opting for covering the head with a mossy hooded cloak. Her piece this week leaves her worried about being sent home. Last looks is frantic, there are lots of great pieces this week.

Lucy Dahl is back as Guest Judge for the reveal. The judges are impressed with many of the pieces.

Safe: Rashaad, Daran, George

Strongest: Tyler, Graham

Weakest: Nico, Chloe,

Winner: Tyler                              Sent Home: Chloe

Tyler’s fabrication was really fantastic this week, he has grown a lot in this competition and definitely deserved the win this week. I was sad to see Chloe go, I think she has a lot of potential, and does beautiful sculpture work when she has the time to complete them. I think outside of a rushed competition she could go really far. The competition is really heating up, I can’t wait to see what happens next.