This week on The Walking Dead Carol, Tyreese and the girls found a place they thought might make a good, new home and contemplate even moving on to Terminus. Some shocking events made the decision for them all along with who would be going or not.

The Breakdown

Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead entitled The Grove concentrated on Carol, Tyreese, and the three girls: Lizzie, Mika, and the baby Judith. The five of them were heading down the railroad tracks on their way to Terminus, much like the other groups have been doing. Carol mentioned that they should stop for water, so she took Mika with her. Carol talked to Mika again about toughening up – regardless if it is being tough with people or with the walkers.

Tyreese stayed behind with the baby and Lizzie, when he spotted a walker down further on the tracks. He had Lizzie stay with the baby as he went to take care of the walker. Suddenly the walker fell and was stuck – unable to get back up. When Tyreese was about to stab the walker in the head, Lizzie walked up and said that there are times when you have to kill them and times when you do not. With that, Tyreese left the walker alone.

The Walking Dead

Before the group headed back to the tracks, they spot a house. Carol and Tyreese instructed the girls to stay outside while they checked for walkers inside. Lizzie was holding Judith and Mika had the gun and kept watch. Just then, a walker came out from a different part of the house and went after the girls. Mika shot the walker. When Carol and Tyreese heard the shot, they came outside to find Lizzie upset that Mika shot the walker.

The group settled into the house and land which had a fence, a well, a fireplace, and working stove. They had discussions about possibly staying at the house instead of continuing on to Terminus, but no real decision was made. In the distance, a fire had been burning. The group had seen the smoke rising into the sky – they did not know where it was coming from.

The Walking Dead

The next day, Carol looked outside to see Lizzie teasing one of the walkers in the yard. Carol ran outside and took down the walker, which really upset Lizzie. The young girl kept saying how the walker was her friend, they were playing, and Carol should not have killed it.

Throughout the episode little signs of a disturbance with Lizzie became more apparent. At one point when she was upset, Mika told her to just look at the flowers and count. It also did not seem that Lizzie understood the walkers or how they came to be that way. Later she found a mouse and took it down to the tracks where the walker Tyreese left was still laying. She fed the mouse to the walker as Mika walked up; upset with what she saw Lizzie doing. Obviously Lizzie was the one who had been feeding the walkers at the prison toward the beginning of the season.

The Walking Dead

Carol almost told Tyreese about what happened at the prison with her being the one who killed Karen and David. But again, she was unable to get out the words. Suddenly they heard the girls screaming. They ran to find them just as a group of walkers began to chase them. The group made it back to the land outside the house and inside the fence. All of them, including Lizzie, began shooting at the walkers until all were down.

The next day, Carol and Tyreese were walking in the woods once again in search of food. As they joked with each other and headed back to the house, they saw something horrifying….more horrifying than any walker. Baby Judith was squirming around on a blanket in the grass with Lizzie standing next to her. Lizzie was full of blood and holding a knife. Behind her on the ground was Mika’s dead body. Lizzie told Carol and Tyreese that Mika would come back soon because her brain was okay. Lizzie had not stabbed her in the head. Lizzie also eluded that she was about to do the same to the baby.

The Walking Dead

At that point, Tyreese took the baby and Lizzie inside while Carol stabbed Mika in the head before she could come back. Later Carol and Tyreese talked about what to do next. Each offered to leave the house; Carol with Lizzie and Tyreese with Judith. Tyreese even mentioned it was possibly Lizzie who had killed Karen and David. In the end they both knew that no matter what, Lizzie could not be around other people.

The next day, Carol took Lizzie outside to talk with her. Lizzie was so worried that Carol was mad at her for what she had done. After a few minutes, Carol instructed Lizzie to just look at the flowers. As Lizzie did what she was told, Carol walked behind her, aimed the gun, and shot her.

As Carol and Tyreese sat the table that evening in silent grief, Carol finally spoke up. She confessed to Tyreese that she was the one who had killed Karen and David, not Lizzie. Tyreese said that he could forgive her; although he would never forget.

The Walking Dead

Carol and Tyreese buried the girls next to each other outside the house. They packed their gear, grabbed Judith, and headed back towards the railroad tracks.

Walking toward the house at the end of the episode were walkers, once again. But this time, the walkers appeared to have just walked out of a fire; their clothes still smoking.

The Analysis

Wow – is about all I can say about this week’s episode of The Walking Dead. It was disturbing, shocking and sad.

Just like other viewers, I noticed the hints throughout the episode that there may be something “wrong” with Lizzie. Although I was not quite sure what, it was obvious from the things Mika had said and how Lizzie should stare at the flowers and count, that there was a problem. But, and this is a big “but”, I had no idea how bad the problem was or that she would kill her sister!!!! I was completely blown away by this.

The Walking Dead

Then for Carol and Tyreese to make the decision to kill Lizzie was a shock as well. I understand the reasoning behind their decision, in the situation they are all trying to survive in; however, wow.

When Carol and Tyreese were sitting at the table at the end of the episode, I had a feeling Carol was going to finally confess to Tyreese about Karen and David. I think she did not want Tyreese to think it had been Lizzie.

So, what about the fire that had been burning and the walkers who came from it? I have some thoughts on what it might be, but would love to hear your thoughts too.

Were you disturbed (more than normal) by this week’s episode of The Walking Dead? What are your thoughts on what happened with Lizzie and Mika? Do you know what was on fire?