Christina Applegate has done quite well for making herself a common name in the comedy genre. She did an incredible job holding her own presence among the likes of Will Ferrell and crew in Anchorman. Now, it appears Miss Applegate will continue her streak in an upcoming reboot of a classic film series.

According to THR, Christina Applegate is set to co-star as Ed Helm’s wife in the new reboot of National Lampoon’s Vacation. The film is said to follow Clark Griswold’s son Rusty Griswold, played by Ed Helms, who has finally grown up and ready to take his own family on a trip. The report also mentions Applegate’s character is having marital issues with Helms in the sequel, which could be the inspiration for taking the vacation.

Ed Helms and Christina Applegate sound like the perfect duo to carry the new Vacation entry. I can only imagine how the two actors are going to play off each other in the film. So far it seems like perfect casting to me. The film is currently expected to shoot this Summer and possibly due for release in 2014.

Source: THR