Alex Garland is possibly one of my favorite science-fiction screenwriters working today. His work with Danny Boyle includes the ferocious zombie film 28 Days Later, as well as the atmospheric space film Sunshine. Garland is also the writer for the highly under-appreciated 2012 version of Dredd. So, when you tell me he’s directing his first science fiction film, here is my response…


Gentlemen, you had my curiosity… Now you have my attention.

Alex Garland is reported to make his feature film debut with a film entitled Ex Machina. The report states that the property has no connection to the Brian K. Vaughan comic book of the same name. Here is a description thanks to the amazing folks over at ScreenRant:

Ex Machina will apparently follow the promising young employee of a billionaire tech maven, who is hand-picked to join his boss for a week-long vacation at a private villa. Little does our protagonist know, his employer wants him to join in an experiment involving a prototype AI robot. Since the film is being billed as a thriller, it’s doubtful that the robot and employee will fall in love and/or trade witty banter.

Not sure how Garland is as a director, but the man is a phenomenal storyteller. The idea sounds solid enough to fit his brand. Also, the report says the budget is around 15 million, which sounds like just enough to keep Garland from becoming overwhelmed. Either way, this sounds like a film to keep within your radar in the next year or so.

What do yo think about Alex Garland directing a robot movie?

Source: THR