With all the off-the-wall Fantastic Four casting choices, including one that changes the relationship between Johnny and Sue Storm, and another that changes the entire history of Ben Grimm, there was no telling what direction the Doctor Doom casting was going to head. With all the strange choices made, there was a chance that they could make Doctor Doom a female.

Cooler heads prevailed.

Here are the four actors who are in the lead for the role of the evil Doctor Doom: Sam Riley, Eddie Redmayne, Toby Kebbell and Domhnall Gleeson.

First of all, since this Fantastic Four re-boot is based on the Ultimates version of the team (with some pretty obvious changes already made as far as the casting), here is a look at what Doctor Doom in the Ultimates world is all about.

Doom is actually named Victor van Damme and is a direct descendant of Dracula. He studied at the Baxter Building, which was a think tank for the world’s most brilliant children who believed that he was better than everyone else. The one time he needed help, he partnered with Reed Richards. It was Doctor Doom that made changes to Richards’ N-Zone transporter experiment that resulted in the Fantastic Four getting their powers.

Doctor Doom ended up transforming into mechanical form and headed to Europe where he formed his own society with the plans of destroying Richards, eliminating the only person who knows about the N-Zone transporter.

Now, I am pretty certain that director Josh Trank has no intention of following the comics and will just use the name brand of the Fantastic Four to create something completely different, but this is how Doctor Doom came to be in the Ultimate Universe.

With that said, here is a slideshow of the four actors up for the role.

Source: The Wrap