The Breakdown

Lorelei has run upon a motorcycle gang and turned them into her “circle of friends”. Skye is awake and actually talking. Ward comes in and they briefly discuss Deathlok or Mike Peterson as he was once known. Skye wants to train harder so that she isn’t ever in that situation again. Simmons is taking a lot of blood samples from Skye trying to find GH-325 to research. It has mostly been intertwined in Skye to accelerate her healing. Coulson wants to keep the whole GH-325 thing in-house. Coulson meets with another SHIELD agent to try to find Fury. Fury is off the grid. The agent asks Coulson how was TAHITI. Coulson actually doesn’t say it was a magically place and instead says it sucked. May, Ward and Fitz get word of a reading similar to what they found in London and New Mexico over the valley in California. They go to the site and Lady Sif (Thor) appears saying that Earth is in danger.

Lady Sif gives SHIELD the lowdown on Lorelei and that she uses sorcery to control men. Lorelei was trapped on Asgard before the frost elves came back. Lady Sif has been sent to mid-guard to find Lorelei. In a bar, Lorelei’s man-servant, Rooster or Dewayne as his wife and stormed in and called him. Rooster has to strangle his wife to please Lorelei , Lorelei  also requested him bring her gold. Rooster had to explain to Lorelei that we humans use money that have presidents like Ben Franklin on them.(lol) Fitz has reinvented and renamed the night night gun. It’s new name is the ICER and Fitz talks way too fast for me to remember what that stood for. While Lady Sif and Coulson look at details from recent crimes, Coulson asks Sif about any Blue people from the nine realms (trying to get a hold of who or what could have been in the GH tank). Sif names about 10 groups of people including the Cree.  The team gets to the bar where Lorelei  and her merry men are. They talk to the Sheriff outside, who has already been placed under Lorelei’s spell. The sheriff pulls out his gun and starts firing on the team.

A small shootout ensues in the desert and Lady Sif throws a trailer in the way to give the team cover. Lorelei has her bikers attack the team after most of the police are knocked out by the ICER guns. Lady Sif handles the biker gang but Lorelei gets to Ward. When Ward calls for backup Lorelei touches Ward and he comes under her power. Lorelei wants Ward to take her somewhere grand. Coulson lets Skye help find Ward as he has an infinite amount of money and several passports. Coulson has tasked Fitz to repair the amulet that will contain Lorelei as it was damaged during the shootout. Simmons is not getting anywhere with finding the properties in the GH-325 and wants to send a blood sample of Skye to SHIELD and Coulson shoots her down. Simmons wants to know why and Coulson tells her that they have to keep this in-house because people died protecting the drug and need more answers from Fury. Ward takes Lorelei to Vegas and she is pleased. She likes Vegas much better than the crappy biker bar. Ward is fully aware that he is being used but is still under her control. Lorelei wants him to amass an army for her. In return she sleeps with him.

Lorelei tells Ward that she was imprisoned on Asgard, Ward tells her that will never happen to her again. Fitz finds that Ward and Lorelei are in Las Vegas. Lady Sif and May talk about Lorelei and Ward. Lady Sif picks up that May and Ward have a thing and tells her that Ward will kill her. May disagrees, Lady Sif tells her that the man she knew is not the same anymore. This has happened before and do not take the power or Lorelei lightly. May tells Lady Sif that Ward may try to kill her but he will not get the chance. The team goes there to try to find them but they are no longer there. May had Fitz check every camera in Vegas to track them down. While getting back on the plane, Coulson asks May (being her and Ward had he same training) where would he go to hide. Fitz has fixed the amulet that can contain Lorelei. Lady Sif goes to her room to inspect it. Lady Sit finds the amulet is fixed and in good shape. Fitz locks Lady Sif in her room. May tells Coulson that she wouldn’t run she would neutralize her biggest threat. They hear a banging and know that Ward and Lorelei  have taken over the plane. Coulson finds Fitz, and Fitz tells Coulson that he locked Lady Sif up so she doesn’t mess up Lorelei ‘s plan. Fitz has also locked away Skye and Simmons. Fitz also waxes poetically on how great Lorelei is, Coulson goes on with the charade. May walks into a room where Lorelei is, Lorelei punishes her throwing her against a wall. Ward undoes the airlock to release Lady Sif from the room she is in. (which is normally the room for prisoners)

May gets up from off of the ground and Lorelei orders Ward to protect her. May tries to talk her way out of it. Lorelei tells May that she knows who she is. Ward has explained her as a beautiful warrior but she has a heart of ice. Lorelei tells May that Ward desired someone else on the team but not May. Coulson gets into the room that Skye and Simmons are trapped in. Simmons almost hits him with a fire extinguisher. Skye tells Coulson that Ward unlocked the airlock in Lady Sif’s room and shes dead. Coulson tells Skye that Sif is asguardian and is still out there. Which she is atop of the plane. Skye opens the airlock and Lady Sif gets back in the plane, finding Lorelei  in her room with her sword. Sif tries to ask for it back and Lorelei rubs that fact that Lady Sif takes orders (from Odin and Thor) and will never have Thor. Sif grabs the sword and it breaks into to and the Lorelei and Sif start an awesome cat fight. Fitz walks in to the room with Skye and Simmons and freaks out. Coulson is forced to punch Fitz, knocking him out cold. May and Ward continue to fight, the two go through a glass and fall on the floor. Ward pulls out his gun and says sorry to May. Lorelei asks Sif to kill her. Sif tells Lorelei that she won’t get off that easy. Lorelei intends to tell Sif about the man that she stole from her when Sif puts the collar (amulet) on her. Ward drops the gun and Sif tells May that Ward isn’t under Lorelei’s spell anymore. May still punches Ward. Sif takes Lorelei back to Asgard. Coulson questions Sif about loyalty to Odin’s will. As Odin requested that Sif bring Lorelei back alive. Sif tells Coulson that like SHIELD they are bound by their honor to their code. Coulson tries to ask how May is and May tells Coulson that he needs to share with Skye what happened at the guest house. Ward tries to make up with May by having her punch him in the face again. May tells them that they are done here and that Ward needs to be more honest with himself if the stuff that Lorelei said was true. Coulson talks to Skye he tells her that he has been trying to find a way to explain but can’t. He flat-out tells her that the drug that saved them both came from a not so little blue man. Coulson is sorry for putting her in danger and Skye doesn’t care because they are both still alive and don’t have tails. Coulson wants her to take this more serious but Skye says that they live in the dark and she is an 0-8-4 and doesn’t know pretty much anything (or even what that means). Coulson tells Skye that protocol goes out of the window and they are going to find out what happened to and with them. They must keep this under wraps from the team. Coulson tells Skye that he knows who did this and intends to make them pay.

After credits scene. When Coulson was having that rousing speech to Skye. May has been listening via a bug planted in the room. May records a message log (indicating she has been giving info on all of the missions to someone) on a secured line saying “He knows, I repeat He knows”.

The Analysis

I don’t really cover it much, but there is a part of the show where May badgers Coulson (almost every episode) asking if he is feeling OK. It seems fitting now that she has been spying on him. More than likely placed on this team by Fury for this one moment when he “figures it out”. Aside from that INTEGRATION is beautiful. I was expecting more Garrett (Bill Paxton) but the addition of Lady Sif and Lorelei were a nice pair with SHIELD. If you think about the vast Marvel universe the possibility of integration on this show is endless. As Lady Sif mentioned the “Cree” (as one prospect for the blue man) but the characters and life forms of this show could be is mind-blowing. 

Dammit, well Marvel is doing a special next week on the upcoming movies to have the last 2 episode drop with the release of the “Winter Solider”. So SHIELD will be back on March 25th.