The World’s End is coming soon.

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A press release hit my inbox last night that made me very happy. Focus Features has moved up The Worlds End, the latest movie by director Edgar Wright, to an August 23 release this year. For those unaware, The World’s End is the final movie in the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy.

Basically, this is just a humorous name based on Wright’s favorite brand of ice cream, with each movie based on a flavor.

Also known as the “Blood and Ice Cream” trilogy, the first movie was Shaun of the Dead (strawberry red), the second was Hot Fuzz (blue original) and now the third is The World’s End (green mint chocolate).¬†Each color has to do with a movie’s theme, with Shaun’s zombies being blood red, Hot Fuzz sporting the police blue and now The World’s End featuring green.

The World’s End tells the story of an epic pub crawl and a group of grown men banding together to make the crawl one more time to relive their youth. The final bar on the crawl is “The World’s End.” The title also supposedly has a couple of other connotations, including the end of youth for Simon Pegg’s man who is unwilling to grow up, and also a science fiction aspect that may or may not be happening in the background of the film.

Of course, the one big thing that connects the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy is the pairing of director Edgar Wright and his two leading men: Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. Hot Fuzz remains one of my favorite movies of the last decade – Top 10 at least – and this is a movie I am really excited about. While all three have been in other movies, they seem at their best when working together, and hopefully The World’s End will be no different.