Welcome to the 3rd issue of ‘Word of Mouth’ with D-Rock!

This column is specifically geared for people searching for great films outside the mainstream. If you enjoy discovering films of these nature, then join me every week as I try to increase word of mouth on these hidden treasures. That being said, let’s begin.

This week Spring Breakers will hit movie theaters everywhere and set a new standard for bad girl rebellion. So, our discussion this week will take us into films involving girls behaving badly. These are films you may enjoy which involve extraordinary female characters who become forces of nature in their own story. None of these films have ever entered the mainstream, but as always, I will try to provide a way for you to locate them.





Fish Tank


As far as I know, this is the only major role actress Katy Jarvis has ever played. Jarvis’s portrayal of reckless fifteen year old Mia is one of the most engaging performances from any young actress I’ve seen in a while. Mia is a loner, and has been kicked out of school. She spends her time practicing the art of break-dancing while the system figures out where to place her.  Her living conditions are just as tough as she is. It’s pretty much the ghetto side of the city. The best way I can describe this movie is imagine a British version of 8 Mile. Just like Eminem’s character in that film, Mia is ill-tempered but it comes from the harsh environment she lives in. In order to survive, she has to be tougher than most girls. This is an exceptional underdog film that I think most of you will enjoy. Also, Michael Fassbender has a major part in the film for all you Fassbender fans. Available for Netflix Streaming.

God Bless America


What an insane piece of work this film is. Have you ever thought to yourself, what the hell is wrong with Americans? Why do we watch Jersey Shore? Why is Kim Kardashian a mainstream celebrity? Why isn’t someone putting a stop to all the superficial bullshit? Well, God Bless America dares to ask the last question. The film involves Frank, a man who just has become fed up with the idiotic state of America. After seeing a mentally challenged person get ridiculed on a show similar to American Idol, Frank sets out to kill every single pop culture force destroying his beloved country. After killing Chloe – the star of a reality show about a spoiled rich 16 year old- he is then joined by the vicious young Roxy. Roxy is young, but is well aware of what pop-culture has done to her generation. Together, Frank and Roxy go on a killing spree across our great nation. I have to admit, as offensive as this movie can be, it’s also somewhat therapeutic.  Available for Netflix Streaming.



I have to warn readers, this is not a film for the faint of heart. Audition is pretty much every male’s nightmare come to life. The film involves a man who has just became a widower. After coping with his wife’s death, his friend offers to find a way to help him move on. His friend then sets up an audition for a fake film, that way he can meet potential new lovers. During the auditions, one sweet young girl catches his heart. He sets out to find out more about her and his love for this girl continues to grow. However, there is a dark truth that slowly unravels which will change his world forever. If you are a fan of horror, this film is a straight up masterpiece. The finale is one of the most jaw dropping conclusions you will ever experience. That being said, proceed with caution. Available for Netflix Streaming.



Netflix Pick of the Week

Side by Side


Every week I’ll recommend a film on Netflix Instant Streaming you may want to consider.This week’s selection is a documentary in which provides insight on the ongoing battle of digital versus standard film-making. This has become a huge battle in Hollywood because of the traditionalist approach. One of the major arguments with digital film-making is the fact of cheaper expenses, and most studio execs think audiences can’t tell a difference. As much as I love the look of film, if it weren’t for digital movie making, films like Sin City would not exist. So, in my personal opinion, I believe both formats have their place in Hollywood. This movie does a tremendous job of not taking a specific side on the debate. If this topic is of interest to you, I would definitely check it out.






Welcome to the Punch

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvaB5C-6tyo]


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNpDG4WR_74]


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvTW1JecmZo]

The Place Beyond the Pines

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G07pSbHLXgg&w=450&h=253]

Upstream Color

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5U9KmAlrEXU]