Well the first official trailer is here for Robert Rodriguez’s sequel to the blockbuster Sin City that came out waaaaaay back in 2005. Can anyone remember what they were doing in 2005? Well, I can- I was dating a woman who later jilted me, but before she cheated on me I showed her the original film and she loved it so much that she was affected with a need to celebrate it by sleeping over… we did not sleep <wink-wink>. I recall thinking, if this movie can get me in the arms of a lady then I want more of them.

Now, almost 10 years later we get one. We have all moved on, lived through that tremendously awful Hell and Back- A Love Story series that Frank Miller puked out and we all kinda hoped the series would fade away. I mean, poor Frank certainly got full of himself after the first movie, even believing he could direct. So much so that he left us the aborted Spirit movie in a paper bag on the floor of all our favourite movie houses across North America. Fact is, he was so drunk on power he lost sight of the essence of Will Eisner’s Spirit and disrespectfully created a movie that simultaneously pooped on the source material and bored any new viewer to want to read said source material.

Back on track here, the trailer for the movie we forgot we wanted dropped this week and I am back in there. The sheer glee and hard nipple excitement that I felt back before my break-up with Whats-er-name is back. Based on A Dame to Kill For, and the Wizard 1/2 short, Just Another Saturday Night, we also get 2 original stories written by Miller….. yeah I know, but I’ll allow it.

The larger story follows Dwight from the original movie, played by Clive Owen in the original, but this time he is played by Josh Brolin, since this takes place before the facial reconstructive surgery. We also get some Marv in here, some Nancy dealing with Marv’s passing; there’s some Miho in here (played by Jamie Chung, this time), as well as some Gail action, leader of the Old Town’s gun-weilding prostitutes.

Well, I am in. Really in. This old wizened curmudgeon is ready to be enveloped in Silver and Black.  As if you haven’t seen the trailer but, here it is again:

[fresh_video url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqRRF5y94uE”]

Dear Mr. Miller, like time helps us forgive and forget, I think I have forgotten all the bad times and am now metaphorically typing your number in my phone hovering over the SEND button. Please don’t hurt me. I am still fragile. And if anyone sees Whats-er-name, tell her I forgive her and I am lonely.

James C.