This week on  Face Off the Contestants are taken to the famous Magic Castle for the episode’s Spotlight Challenge reveal. The historic location is ideal for inspiring the crew to create the current theme, the challenge: make a wizard based upon a chosen wand.

The Assignments:

Niko & George: Mechanical Wand

Corinne: Aztec Wand

Chloe: Filigree Wand

Cat: Floral Wand

Tyler: Wooden Wand

Daran: Chicken Foot Wand

Graham: Skull Wand

Rashaad: Spiked Wand

Back in the work room all of the contestants seem to struggle with time management. Michael Westmore advises Niko to change his design, the original looking too much like a mask. Niko feeling a little lost decides to change his work to look more like a sort of armor.

On Application day George hits a snag when he finds that his model is allergic to the adhesive, but he is prepared, having a back up facial prosthetic and an alternative to the usual glue. Niko struggles with numerous issues in last looks, and does not feel confident heading to the stage.

This week in judging there seem to be a lot of overly flawed make-ups for this far into the competition. There are several weak contestants that deserve to go home before the rest head off to Japan.

Safe: Daran, Rashaad & Graham

Strongest: Corinne, Tyler & George

Weakest: Cat, Chloe & Niko

Winner: George                                              Voted out: Cat

It’s frustrating seeing Niko be the winning look one week and a bottom look this week. The work of a lot of the Contestants is very hit and miss this season. I had to agree with the judges, voting off Cat, she needs a bit more experience to work in the field. The girlfriend/boyfriend team are split up, which in a way seems only fair since the other contestants don’t have their significant others there to lend moral support along the way. I dislike Corinne’s designs in general, which are almost always too subtle for practical effects. Her work is far more suited for the fashion industry than the film industry. George’s piece deserved the win, and he seems to be one of the few who are consistent in the quality of their work. I believe that next week is the episode that takes the Contestants to Japan, I am excited to find out what the country’s rich history will inspire.