The Breakdown

A woman goes to Istanbul, Turkey to clear out a safety deposit box. When she is does the banker tells her “sorry for you lost Mrs. Redington.” Dembe tells Red that the box has been cleaned out. Red meets the woman and tells her the contents of that box are worth 10 million dollars. She tells him that she wanted to get his attention. They take this conversation to the woman’s room.

Tom tells Lizzie that Katie is pregnant and he walks out of the room when Lizzie barley responds. Lizzie and Tom has decided not to adopt the baby.

Madeline Pratt

Red tells Lizzie that he wants her to find a Madeline Pratt who is about to steal a statue. The statue is said to have a list of the names of soviet spies inside of it. Diane Fowler is missing and Cooper wants to know where she is. He tells Cooper that Malik worked with her. Malik says that she hasn’t had any contact with her. Madeline Pratt is a socialite and is in the public eye too much to get away with stealing the statue. She has enlisted in Red help to obtain the statue. Ressler has found out that Lizzie’s father had a criminal record. Ressler is even more suspicious of her. Red has Lizzie going to Pratt in order to steal the statue. With an almost believable cover, Lizzie plays hard to get and gets the job.

Madeline told Lizzie and Red that she wasn’t going to the event. Red has found out that she is dating the person is supposed to be the key into getting Lizzie into the event. Cooper is trying to find Fowler and wants Malik to find out. He wants her to get all the information that lead Red to believe that Fowler was the mole.

Madeline Pratt

Lizzie gets to the safe to find it empty. The alarm has sounded and Lizzie and Red have been set up. Red fires a gun to cause a distraction, dumps it in the trash and goes to the stairs. Madeline is in a safe room, tells one of the guards that Red stole the statue. When no one is looking Madeline steals it for herself. Red puts on a fantastic show playing “gay” and gets Lizzie free from an armed guard. Madeline is selling the statue and tells the buyer if she doesn’t hear from them within the hour. The statue will be gone.

Cooper is pissed because Lizzie and Red’s mission went to hell. Ressler and Malik found a lead on who could be Madeline’s buyer. The FBI finds out that there are not names listed inside of the statue but coordinates to a nuclear bomb(s) the Russians hid in america. Red approaches Madeline on the street and she tells him that she brought him into this because he stood her up in Florence which was supposed to be their way out. While talking they are kidnapped by Arab men.

Madeline Pratt

Red tells Madeline a story of him running out of gas on Christmas 20 years ago, He walks home (expecting to see his daughter and family) and finds blood everywhere. Red explains this is why he didn’t show up in Florence and doesn’t show up to a lot of places. Someone drags Red out of the room and Madeline tells the men what they want to know in order for them to return Red. She gives up the information on where the statue is. Red has set this whole ordeal up. He played Madeline.

The FBI goes to the location where Madeline told them where the drop off of the statue is. While there, the Russians who brought the statue shows up and a shootout begins. While the shooting happens one of the men get to the statue and runs off. Ressler follows him down and the two struggle over a gun. Ressler’s backup comes to save him. Ressler opens the statue to find it filled with sand. Red goes to Cooper and Cooper tells Red that the statue had nothing in it. Cooper also tells Red that Madeline is gone from the warehouse where Red left her in. Red tells Cooper that he “made up” with Madeline. He also tells Cooper that he has no use for the coordinates and wants to make a trade. The coordinates for the statue. Lizzie admits to Ressler that she thinks Tom is going to leave her, this is after her and Tom had another fight). Tom goes to see his mistress. An agent Walter Martin goes to see Cooper about his investigation into Fowler’s disappearance. Martin tells Cooper that D.C. is handling the investigation. He wants Cooper to hand over all of his files and stop his investigation.

Madeline Pratt

The Analyst 

The blacklist come back with a bang! With everything that Red says you can’t help but take it with a grain of salt. But as he and Madeline come to terms, it seems as if the story he told her was true. Any piece of information Red gives into his personal life is much more intriguing than Lizzie failure as a wife. I am not for infidelity but Lizzie had this coming. Red’s story, coupled with him burning his old house down (in the episode Fredrick Barnes). Makes us want more of Red’s back-story. As Red has said (which is taken with a grain of salt) that he isn’t Lizzie father, but I feel that Red and Lizzie’s past are linked in an odd way. Lastly I am so glad that the writers gave James Spader  a chance of being an actor. Even in this small scene you see Spaders true acting ability. It makes me want to see him as Ultron in Avengers 2 even more.