Writer and creator of such film classics as Demonic Toys and Jumper — and mirror-universe Stanley Tucci lookalike — David Goyer is bringing  the grim and gritty approach he worked on Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight to yet another adaptation of The Count of Monte Cristo.

He won’t be writing this one though, Count will be Goyer’s first directorial effort since 2009’s The Unborn. He’ll be working with a script by Michael Robert Johnson, arguably the most generic combination of names we’ve ever heard, which makes us think it might be a pseudonym. Apparently this “Michael Johnson” also wrote an upcoming movie about Pompeii, called — creatively — Pompeii.

The words Goyer uses to describe his approach to Alexandre Dumas’s classic are “graphic novel” — something everyone is taking as code for, “I’m going to do it like Dark Knight.”

Sure, why not? They’re Dark Knight-ing Superman, they’re Dark Knight-ing Godzilla, hell someone Dark Knight-ed Mortal Kombat as a web series. If we’re doing literary classics now, I can’t wait until they Dark Knight The Scarlet Letter and Jane Eyre. 

SOURCE: Firstshowing.net