This week on The Walking Dead viewers got to see what happened to other members of the group after the prison battle and fire.

The Breakdown

Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead entitled Inmates started with Beth and Daryl running together through the woods outside of the prison. Beth was convinced that the others were out there somewhere and wanted to track them. Daryl resisted at first, but then decided to help her after she told him hope was all they had. The two came upon several slain walkers and a few feasting on remains near the railroad tracks. Daryl took down the remaining walkers while Beth broke down in tears.

Also walking through the woods was Tyreese along with the two girls that Carol took care of, Mika and Lizzie ….and, the baby Judith. Everyone was concerned as Judith continued to cry which seemed to bring walkers their way. As they continued to move on, Tyreese heard screaming and thought it might be survivors from the prison. He left the two girls alone with the baby and a gun while he went to check out the situation. Tyreese came upon two men trying to fight off several walkers and he began to help. But, it was too late for the men as they were bitten. Just then he heard a gunshot and realizing it was the girls, he finished off more walkers turned to run back to them. He was stopped by the sight of the girls along with Carol. One of the men who was bitten told Tyreese and Carol to continue along the railroad tracks because there is a safe place ahead.


As Tyreese, Carol, and the girls walked on the tracks, Carol told Tyreese that she was not at the prison when everything had happened. She explained that she had not returned from scouting with Rick.

Near the water, Maggie, Sasha, and Bob were deciding if they were in a safe place for the night. Maggie told Sasha and Bob that she was not staying and going to look for Glenn instead. Sasha and Bob decided to go with Maggie, although Sasha was not happy about it. On the road, the three came upon the bus from the prison which was filled with walkers. Maggie struggled with the thought of Glenn inside the bus. Sasha let one walker out of the bus at a time so Maggie could see if one of them was Glenn as she stabbed them each in the head. Suddenly, the walkers pushed their way out in a herd while the three of them fought them off. None of the walkers turned out to be Glenn. After the walkers were cleared, Maggie went onto the bus to see if Glenn’s remains were there and killed one last walker there. Glenn was not inside.


Later, Glenn woke up still at the prison, high above a large group of walkers. He was in one of the towers. He went inside finding no one else and began to gather supplies and gear. As he was heading out of the prison, he spotted Tara from the Governor’s group. She was sitting behind a fence safe from the walkers. Glenn decided to enlist her help to find Maggie. Tara could not understand why Glenn would want her help after what she had done by being part of the Governor’s group that caused all of trouble. Glenn told her that he did not want her help – he needed it.

As the two continued to leave the prison and get on the road outside of it, they were greeted by a few walkers. They both tried to fend them off when Glenn fell to the ground, unconscious. Tara continued to fight them until they were all down. She then looked up to see a couple of men and a woman who pulled up in a truck.


The Analysis

It was great to see what happened to the rest of the group in this week’s The Walking Dead. The way that the groups were split up did and should continue to create a very interesting dynamic; at least until they all find each other (assuming they will).

Two great parts were that the baby, Judith, was alive and the return of Carol. I did not believe that the baby had died back when the mid-season finale aired – some blood in the car seat was not enough to convince me. So, I kept waiting this week to see who had ended up with her.


Then having Carol come upon the group was a great surprise. I am guessing she was hiding out near the prison all along. What is interesting is that Tyreese never found out that she was the one who killed his sick girlfriend or the other man…or that Rick banished her from the prison. I wonder if he ever will.

I think somebody better keep a closer on eye on those little girls though! When they were all concerned about Judith’s crying I kept fearing that one of them would try to quiet her – and not in a good way. I was right on that, but thankfully nothing bad happened. Most likely thanks to Carol!


Hopefully next week some of the groups will catch up with each other. Maybe they will all make it to the safe place the man on the tracks pointed them towards. What about the two men and the woman in the truck? Maybe they are part of the safe place too or maybe they have a place of their own. I am looking forward to finding out more next week!

What are your thoughts on this week’s episode of The Walking Dead? Were you surprised by Carol’s return? Do you think the sanctuary they are headed towards will be another Woodbury?