The Lost Girl season finale opens with Rayner and Bo walking from the temple, Bo collapsing on the way. Rayner takes her to the tavern to get help from Trick. Bo demands to know everything about her family history, and the Dark Queen, who is inside her. She tells them that her Father is getting close, she can feel him, and he is trying to pull the Dark Queen out from inside her. Trick tells Bo that she is a hybrid of her Mother and Father’s powers, able to pull the life force of many, and redirect it to whom ever she chooses.

Massimo interrupts the discussion, clearly gone mad from the overwhelming power of the Una Mens Origin seed. Massimo throws Bo about, and breaks Rayner’s neck. Rayner’s last words, Tell the Valkyrie my soul is hers. Massimo says the power is too much, before leaving.

Bo wakes from unconsciousness to Tamsin, who gives her a dose of tough love to make her take charge. Dyson and Kenzi come to be by her side, Kenzi still struggles to forgive Bo, but is there for her.

Kenzi and Tamsin find a passage from the prophecy book stating that the Daughter’s heart closes the portal. Afraid it means that Bo’s literal heart has to be sacrificed, they decide to hide the knowledge from her. Dyson professes his love, his soul and his fealty to Bo. The death of Rayner brings the whole gang closer. They head off to the Temple of the Horse, to the portal to the underworld.

3 men dressed as soldiers come out of the portal, Dyson yells, “Bo don’t!” as she starts to use her succubus powers to drain the lives force from them. Instead, the chi of the soldiers releases the Dark Queen inside of Bo, who says that her true army cometh. She was bound by blood and now will bathe in it, humans and fae will all bow before her.

Dyson pleads for Bo to come back to him. Bo struggles inside of herself to come back to the forefront of her body. Dyson then kisses her, and Bo succeeds in regaining herself for the time being. They turn their focus back to vanquishing the hell soldiers.

At the temple Bo feels powerful, she’s channeling her Father’s energy. She Leaves Dyson to deal with the creatures that her Father sends to their side of the portal. She says that he must use Tamsin to make the beasts fight among themselves. Kenzi also comes to the temple, and embraces Bo. Forgiving her, she hands her a sword and says, “You are going to be fine.” Then leaves.

Lauren, still captive by Massimo, finds out that Massimo now has Rayner’s power of foresight. Bo comes to rescue Lauren from him. Massimo is obsessed with gaining his Mother’s (Evony’s) love. He has also gained the power of the siren from the slain Hale. Bo uses her power to suck the life force from Massimo, which makes her feel weak. Evony enters and Bo holds a knife to her throat, threatening her to tame her son. She pulls the chi from Evony and links it to Massimo, making him kill his own Mother. Bo explains that she can save her as he begs, she takes it back from him, breathes it into Evony, draining Massimo. Lauren destroys the Twig of Zamora and Bo kills Massimo completely. Lauren tells Bo that she is hers, but also that she will take care of Evony, who is her responsibility since she made her human.

In the meantime, Trick, Tamsin and Dyson fight the hordes at the temple. Kenzi walks into the battle, knowing she is the key to closing the portal. She finally understands that she has a part to play in the prophecy. She is Bo’s heart, she must sacrifice herself to close the portal and stop the apocalypse. Dyson tries to stop her.

Kenzi tells him that she will wait for Bo in Valhalla to bring her home, that it is the only way to save the world. She wants to die in battle, in hopes that she will see Hale again. As they all look on, Kenzi walks into the gate, to her death. Bo enters to see Kenzi look back one last time before sacrificing herself. A great surge of power bursts forth, kenzi falls to the ground along with all of the horde. Tamsin, as Valkyrie takes Kenzi’s soul, as Bo breaks down in tears.

In the next scene Dyson finds Tamsin on the ground outside the gates of Valhalla, she cries, Kenzi is gone. Weakly, she warns Dyson that he can’t let Bo find the second Hell Shoe. He asks what is it she saw. Looking terrified, she just shakes her head. He lifts her up and takes her home.

In the last scene Bo drives to the cemetary, and lays sunflowers on Kenzi’s grave. She tells her that she needs her, she needs Kenzi’s strength and vows to get her back. She warns that those who want her to be afraid, should be afraid of her.

The season has ended, 2 of my favorite characters (Hale and Kenzi) are dead, leaving it off on a heart breaking, somber note. I know that eventually she will indeed bring Kenzi back, but it will be hard waiting for that moment to come. The supporting characters truly make this show. After all the darkness in this season, I hope that the writers will give us a break, and have a few more light hearted episodes in the next. That’s it Lost Girl fans, now we wait.