At the Sydney premiere of his new blockbuster film, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson told that he wants a role in the new ‘Star Wars’ movie.

The current WWE Champion said that as a child he enjoyed playing with both G.I. Joe and Star Wars action figures, and now that he’s been in one franchise, he’d love to be in the other.

In fact, he said that when he got the call asking if he would like to play the leader of the G.I. Joes,  “It was like if I got a call from George Lucas saying, ‘I want you to be in Star Wars.’

The Rock also said that he intended on directly petitioning JJ Abrams, the new director slated to take over the franchise, for a role.

“I’m gonna call J.J. and you’re gonna help by printing it and I’m gonna be in Star Wars!”

Now, I’m sure that The Great One is indeed a fan of the beloved Star Wars franchise, but I think there’s a deeper reason behind this. It’s just good business sense. The People’s Champion is one of the most valuable movie stars on the planet right now, but if he gets to add Star Wars to his resume, he’ll be in a much more exclusive constellation of stars.

I don’t doubt that he’ll actually get a role. Allegedly Samuel L. Jackson got the part of Mace Windu by telling George Lucas he would play a stormtrooper just to be in Star Wars. Now, the Rock may not be Samuel L. Jackson, but I’m sure they’ll work out something for him.