The Breakdown

This week’s episode started off with a speedy foot chase involving none other than Dog the Bounty Hunter.  As he and his crew finished up their chase with a bounty slam onto an SUV, a woman fell from the sky and crashed on the roof of the vehicle, with a huge blowout of the windows.  This is when Five-0 was called in to investigate her murder and Dog and his team went on their way.  What made it a homicide?  Good ole Max deduced that she could not have jumped on her own and the bruising and scarring found on her body were also inconsistent with the fall.

After further investigation into the elementary school teacher Dana Brown’s death; the team found that her injuries were caused from her starring spot on a local roller derby team, the Diamond Dolls.  In order to gain the inside scoop on her teammates and also her opponents, Steve sent Catherine in to try out for the team.  Reluctantly going in under cover as Betty Clocker to replace Dicey Hot (Dana Brown), Catherine scored a spot on the team and fit in well.

When Catherine was tasked with obtaining the team roster to see each teammate’s real name for further investigation, she uncovered more than anticipated on Coach Eric Blair’s computer.  Compromising photos of members of the team after they had been drugged were found.  This all led Five-0 to determine who to take down for the murder of Dana Brown aka Dicey Hot.

In the midst of the murder investigation, Steve’s mom Doris walked in on a burglar in her home.  After a violent fight in which Doris held her own for a bit, the burglar fled with a box from her safe.  When Catherine arrived at the home later and spoke to Steve, she confessed a secret she had been keeping from him.  Someone named Mangosta from Doris’s black ops past may be back in the picture and possibly involved in the break-in.

A very upset Steve asked Catherine to leave.  Knowing she was wrong to keep this secret from him, Catherine did what he asked feeling that their relationship was in danger.  Later Steve confronted his mother with the information he learned from Catherine.  Although the burglar in Doris’s home wore a mask; she seemed to believe it might have something to do with Mangosta.  Doris then told Steve that the box which was stolen contained a microfiche of her black ops days with names and information that could put them all in danger.

The Analysis

This episode was jam-packed with a homicide investigation, a once-good love affair turned rocky, and more secrets threatening Steve and Doris’s relationship.  To say it was boring would be crazy.  I was afraid to leave the room for a minute and miss some crucial detail relating to one of the three stories presented.

After seeing the Steve/Catherine hug at the end, I have no fear that their relationship will sustain.  However, the mother/son relationship between Doris and Steve may not fend as well.  Doris’s continued secrets and cover-ups are a constant threat.  One tends to wonder watching each episode if Doris will just come out with everything once and for all.  But, we are then reminded of reasons why as a mother she must continue to keep it all to herself – for Steve’s safety as well as his sister.

All in all, this episode was a good one.  It was action-packed with the solid and creative homicide and roller derby concept.  It had its more personal side with the two relationship stories.  And finally, it kept in line with bringing us more of Doris’s dangerous past; which always plays into the present for the McGarrett’s.