The news seems to be coming fast and furious for the new Constantine TV show. The latest news is something that fans of the Hellblazer series should be excited about. Constantine will not only be a blonde but he will also be a Londoner and talk with a British accent.

This all comes from Bleeding Cool who wrote the article without a source, but the news sounds pretty cool anyway and makes sense. There used to be thoughts that non-American accents turned TV viewers away but with the success of Sherlock and Downton Abbey, that seems to be an antiquated worry in today’s TV world.

ConstantineThis joins Ruby’s news from earlier in the week that the Constantine TV show would include the popular Hellblazer character of Chas as well as two other characters known as Liv and Manny. There was also my news yesterday that Neil Marshall (The Descent, Dog Soldiers) would be directing the pilot, which David S. Goyer wrote.

With Marshall, it is clear the Constantine TV pilot will have a British flavor but the news that John Constantine himself will remain British – and keeping his accent intact – is very exciting. While it is in style to completely change the characters from the comics in new adaptations, Constantine has a distinct style that makes him who he is and his British masculinity is part of that.

Let’s hope there is more good news to come. Who would you like to see play John Constantine? My top choices would be Joseph Fiennes, David Tennent and James Marsters. Who would you cast if given the chance? Chime in below.

Source: Bleeding Cool