Prisoners was a pretty popular movie amongst the writers of Renegade Cinema. While 12 Years a Slave won our Movie of the Year honors, Prisoners ranked second in both Best Drama Film as well as second for Best Actor for Hugh Jackman. Well, Prisoners director Denis Villeneuve is back with Jake Gyllenhaal for his follow-up movie and we have the Enemy trailer for you to check out.

While Yahoo claims this new released trailer is the debut trailer, that is actually untrue as a trailer hit before its foreign release in 2013. Unfortunately for fans of Prisoners, Enemy won’t get a real release in theaters, instead hitting Direct TV on-demand on Feb. 6 and a limited theatrical release on March 14 from A24 films (Spring Breakers, The Spectacular Now).

The movie is a Hitchcock-styled film about a man (Gyllenhaal) who learns he has a doppelganger (Gyllenhaal) living in the world and sets out to find him. If Student of Prague taught us anything, it is to leave our doppelgangers alone.

“It’s an exploration inside yourself,” Villeneuve said of Enemy. “Sometimes you have compulsions that you can’t control coming from the subconscious… they are the dictator inside ourselves.”

 Check out the Enemy trailer and let us know what you think.