The Breakdown

Judy doesn’t want Daryl (Joe) to help with Amanda’s homework. She also doesn’t want people to start snooping around. The police are still going over footage and Mike wonders why Carroll hasn’t made contact with his cult after the subway murders. Carlos, Mark and Luke are waiting for Joe to call. Giselle wants to kill Carlos because he is all over the news. Mark and Luke won’t let her. Mark and Luke leave the hotel and go to a house posing as flower delivery men. A woman answers the door and Mark walks in behind her and slaps her. The woman’s husband comes out to see what is going on when Luke hits him over the head with a lantern. The two then proceed to go upstairs where a child is. One of them opens the door and signals for the child to be quiet, he also has on a Joe Carroll mask.

Emma is wondering who these new cult members are and why did Joe abandon them. Ryan meets with Lilly (the survivor of the subway murders) and wonders out of everyone why did she live.  Mark and Luke killed the family and are now having dinner with the corpses, they are also referring to the victims as mom and dad.

For Joe

Max wants Ryan to go to the FBI and share the information that he has obtained including the mask. Amanda talks to Joe while Judy is gone, she wants to know if Joe is going to leave. She wants him to stay around. Luke calls Ryan to introduce himself. Luke hangs up when Ryan brings up Joe’s name.

Max traced the number and Joe is going to go alone to investigate against Max’s advice. Ryan shows up at the location where Luke made the call. Going to the roof Ryan finds the cell phone and then gets another call from Luke. Luke is happy to see that Ryan made it but Luke is across the street. Ryan tells Max to send back up. When Ryan enters the house he finds the dead man and woman Luke and Mark killed. Ryan goes upstairs and finds Ben (the kid) hiding in the closet asking for his mommy.

For Joe

Ryan is being lashed at by Philips at the crime scene. He doesn’t understand why the killers are only contacting him. Ryan sees that this family was killed much like in Carroll’s book. Luke calls Ryan and asks him about Lilly Gray (the survivor) and taunts him about how good she looks in red. Luke is at an art show where she is and tells Luke that he better come quickly.

Joe and Amanda are watching the news when a reverend comes by looking for Judy. Judy is gone but the reverend says he will wait. While watching the news Carrolls’s picture comes across the screen and the reverend gets nervous and leaves. Amanda says that she thinks he is on to Carroll. Joe goes outside to stop the reverend, who is now in his car,  Joe throws a garden gnome and breaks the window of the reverend’s car. Joe starts to fight the reverend and Amanda comes out and hits the reverend with a shovel.

For Joe

Carroll is contemplating on what he should do with the reverend. Amanda doesn’t want Joe to murder him. Ryan arrives at the location where Lilly is and gets another call from Luke taunting him. Ryan finds a FBI agent and tells them that they have a situation and need to find Lilly. Lilly is leaving with a man (David), Luke and Mark find her. Ryan arrives and a fight breaks out between him and Luke. Mark jumps in and catches Ryan off guard. Mark and Luke flee and Ryan shoots at them hitting one.

Ryan is telling Mike that they should be looking for 2 men, twins, Mike is sick of dealing with Ryan as he didn’t call the FB before his pursuit. Joe wanted to start his life over again but figured that he can’t, he then decides to kill the preacher with a shiv. After he stabs him Joe has a sense of pleasure upon his face. Emma calls Carlos, Giselle then puts her on speaker phone. Carlos asks where is Joe when Emma tells him that Joe is dead. Giselle then hands up the phone. Amanda starts crying and Joe puts his arms around her. Amanda keeps repeating that “mom will be home soon”.

For Joe

The Analyst 

This episode leads us to believe that Joe has not put murdering behind him. It seems as thought he missed it. After he killed the preacher he had a sense of joy. This has me wondering will Joe go back to the city and start his ways over again or try to stay in hiding. Either way I guess it’s safe to stay that he is not done with his murderous rampage.