This week’s episode opens with Kenzi lamenting the fracture in her relationship between her and best friend Bo with Tamsin, which Bo over hears. Bo then tries to heal the divide in their friendship over the movie Jerry McGuire. Kenzi opens up with the news that Hale has asked her to move in with him. Bo, then heading to the kitchen for snacks is interrupted by what appears to be a shambling zombie. Stabbing it not doing the trick, Bo hears a slicing noise, the zombie’s head slides to the floor and Bo finds Acacia in front of her, having slain the walker. Acacia (played by Linda Hamilton) being the woman that hired Tamsin to capture Bo for Rayner, The Wanderer.

Finding another Wanderer card on the body of the zombie, Tamsin and Acacia demand to speak to Rayner. Bo makes excuses on his behalf, pleading that he wouldn’t have sent the zombie to kill her. Acacia and Tamsin aren’t convinced, and grow frustrated that there is no record of Rayner in the Fae history books. Bo then takes them to find proof that Rayner isn’t behind the assassination attempt.

End of a Line

Trick, now the acting leader of the light, calls on Vex for a meeting. Trick shares his his regrets, wishing he had been a better king. He admits that unlike the Per Apice (dragon, literal Italian translation being The Apex) or the Garuda, Rayner wasn’t truly evil, only defiant. It seems to be hinted here that the Per Apice may be a big bad on the horizon, with Vex dismissing it, saying Trick would sooner having to worry about meeting Godzilla.  Vex shares his own regret that he betrayed his whole family to save his own hide, and Trick reveals that Vex’s Father was a brave man, his best General. In turn Vex says that he never knew his Father, offering him liquor, Trick also offers Vex what ever he would want to know about him.

Bo, Acacia and Tamsin look for information with the Cults of the Dead in a vagrant junk yard. Meeting instead another Zombie bent on killing Bo, leading to another dead zombie, this time dispatched by a suddenly appearing Dyson. Acacia and Tamsin are still convinced the zed assassins are being sent by Bo’s new beau.


In the meantime, Kenzi’s Mother stops in for a visit, along with her cousin Demitri. Hale pops in revealing that he was the one that invited Kenzi’s family for the mini reunion, leaving Kenzi noticeably irritated.

Splitting up, Bo goes with Acacia to meet with a revenant informant named Harvey. Bo, using her succubus skills coerces information from Harvey about who controls the zombies that are after her, through the drinking of the revenant’s blood. Harvey points to Acacia and claims that the revenants belong to her, Acacia looks convincingly shocked as Bo gets rough accusing her. Harvey grabs a his camcorder, egging on the cat fight, which ends with Acacia stating that if she wanted someone dead, they would be dead already. She is that good.

Meanwhile Dyson and Tamsin stumble upon a babbling, mentally unstable man, who tells a story of 3 sisters who were all magic, but only one survived because she could control the dead. He repeats frantically, “She took her from me!”, and that ‘she’ is both dead and alive.

Back at the loft Kenzi’s Mother tries to make amends with gifts and apologies, Kenzi angrily says that her Mother’s boyfriend ruined her life. Because her Mother chose him over her as a child, she was left a little girl living on the streets. Her Mother says that she has since kicked him out, with this Kenzi breaks down, forgiving her.


Acacia and Tamsin talk and walk in the next scene, Tamsin letting on that she’s been remembering things, such as giving Rayner’s soul to The Blood King after the Great Rebellion, instead of taking it to Valhalla. Acacia, upset by this, says that they have to take him out. Acacia now convinced that Rayner’s revenants are after Tamsin, not Bo.

The four regroup at the encampment of a Voodoo Priestess named Laveau, who seems to know a lot about all of them. Bo asks for information on the zombies, Laveau says, “You want me to wake up the dead? I’ll wake up all the dead”. Then cackling while controlling Acacia’s hand, which was replaced with that of a revenant after being lopped off, now wielding a machete at Dyson and Tamsin. Tamsin stops her with out any casualties, and Bo realizes that Laveau is behind the walking dead that have been after her. Laveau says that Bo has something she wants, the Origin Seed, to protect her from the Per Apice. Dyson ends the scene by knocking Laveau out cold.

Hale joins Kenzi and her family for dinner, then revealing the true purpose of gathering her family, to ask Kenzi to be his wife. The moment is interrupted though by a phone call. On the phone is the boyfriend that her Mother supposedly broke up with, asking when he can expect the money that Hale offered to help him, revealing that her Mother lied about kicking him out. Kenzi hurt and upset leaves the table, and the question unanswered. Telling Hale to stay out of her family’s troubles, and ordering them to leave. Hale is left confused and upset, placing the ring back into his pocket.

Bo and Dyson bring the unconscious Laveau back to Harvey, asking for his help. Instead Harvey wakes her, letting on that he and Laveau are lovers working together, and that Bo and Dyson are now trapped with a hoard of revenants breaking down the doors. Laveau is none other than the dead/alive Sister from the rambling man’s story, and she and Harvey demand that Bo give them the Una Mens’ seed or they will let Bo and Dyson die. Bo not liking this ultimatum, instead lops of Laveau’s head, drinks the blood from the stump of her neck to gain power over her revenants and commands them all to be at peace, the zombies then all fall to the floor, truly lifeless.


Kenzi has it out once more with her Mom, who raises her hand to Kenzi, calling her defiant and that’s why her boyfriend did the terrible things he did to her. Kenzi stopping her says, “I always thought you were a victim. I always thought you were scared, but you’re not scared. You are a just a coward that can’t value herself, so how could she value her own children.” and then looking ashamed of her, “Good-bye”.

Dyson and Bo back at the bar discuss Rayner, jealous and slightly drunk, he tells Bo that she knows nothing about The Wanderer. Dyson says that he will always be there for Bo, but if Rayner turns out to be the bad guy, he doesn’t think he can help her with that. She says that you can’t always choose your path, he replies drinking down more self pity, “You seem to.”

Down in Tricks office, he is still regaling Vex with stories of his Father when one of his books shifts and grows fatter. Vex asks what is happening, Trick looking worried says that it’s Rayner, he’s being written back into history. Vex then tries excusing himself quickly, but Trick stops him. Trick says the Una Mens’ seed is missing, and asks Vex if he had something to do with it. He says that it’s not too late, that he still sees the good in Vex, he sees his Father in him. That the person who has the seed has no idea the power it could unleash. He goes on to say that Vex could stop more suffering than anyone has ever known. Vex replies, “You see good in me yeah? Well at least that makes one of us.” and walks out as Trick calls after him, pleading that he not be a fool.

The next scene Tamsin and Acacia talk, Tamsin tells Acacia that she will take out Rayner if she has to, but she will do it the right way this time. Acacia then warns Tamsin that Massimo is back and that he is planning something big. Tamsin says that he is dead, but Acacia states that they both know that the dead don’t always stay dead, then kisses her cheek and walks away.

Back at the loft Bo tells Tamsin that she knows that she seems crazy, but sometimes you have to just go for it, when a book on the table flies open and a picture of Rayner appears. Tamsin says, “Who is the historical hottie?” and Bo confused says, “What do you mean? That’s Rayner, that’s your boss?!’ Tamsin replying, “That’s not my boss.” before the scene cuts away.


In another room Hale looks at the ring as Kenzi walks in. She tries to lighten the mood by joking, then says that she thinks they need to slow down a bit, that she doesn’t want to rush into things like her Mother, that she doesn’t want to lose herself. She promises him that she’s not letting him down easy, she just needs time. Back to being the happy couple, Kenzi runs out to Bo, who is now alone contemplating the image of Rayner Kenzi shows her the ring on her finger and tells her that she hasn’t said yes yet, but she is considering it.

The scene cuts back to the bar, where Tamzin is now with a drunk Dyson, seducing him. Then back to the loft where Kenzi in her knickers is alone in the kitchen looking for snacks in the fridge when Massimo, the magic dealer she was paying for powers from and she and Bo burned and left for dead, corners her. He beats her and kicks her on the ground, but Hale arrives in the nick of time just before he stabs her. Hale in his anger beats him, then uses his Siren power to kill Massimo. Hale turns to Kenzi still in pain on the floor, they exchange momentary loving glances as if to say that everything will be alright. Hale touches his ear, Kenzi calls out but Hale can’t hear her. Now def, he doesn’t hear her warning him that Massimo is up and behind him. He shoves the sword into Hale’s back, all the way through. She watches in horror as Hale falls dying. Massimo waves around a charm that protects the bearer from death, and says, “Consider us paid in full”.  Kenzi pleads with Hale to breath, and with his last breath he says, “I love you.” Kenzi begs for someone to help, but there is no one to hear her.

The episode ends with Bo walking in on Kenzi laying over Hale’s body, a while has passed since he was killed. Bo asks who did this, and Kenzi says, “Massimo, he killed him and it’s all my fault.” The twig charm Massimo had, she had given to him in exchange for her power. She begs Bo to bring him back, to use the chi like she did to bring back Dyson, but Bo says that she can’t. She says that there isn’t enough, but Kenzi begs her to take it from her. Kenzi continues to plead, and says that she will never forgive her if she doesn’t do it, with that Bo takes some of Kenzi’s chi, but stops, and tells her she can’t. That it would kill her. Hysterical, Kenzi in this last heartbreaking scene cries and flails against Bo, screaming, “I was going to say yes…I was going to say yes!” Bo does the only thing she can, she uses her power to calm her into a state of oblivion. The credits role with Bo leaning over them both crying, and saying she’s sorry, she’s so sorry.

This was I think the best episode of this season, and likely one of the most heart wrenching of the show yet. As with every episode, a lot happened, but this one felt more complete than any of the others so far in season 4. With only 2 episodes left, they have managed to turn it around, from being a bit bored of the story line to needing to know what happens next. I can easily speculate that they will bring Hale back using the revenant powers, or at least they better, him being one of my favorite characters. There are still a lot of loose ends to tie up, but I am now more excited to see how it will all play out…just in time for another mid season break. Damn them. Damn them to hell.