I believe in Sherlock Holmes, or so perhaps the most popular viral saying in the last decade goes. And it turns out, so does Benedict Cumberbatch, this year’s most popular emerging heartthrob. We all knew (and by “we” I mean the Cumber-collective AKA Cumber-bitches) that Cumberbatch loves Sherlock, loves playing Sherlock, and especially loves playing Sherlock opposite Martin Freeman’s Watson. He’s let it slip on more than one occasion that he’s signed up for at least one more season (Sherlock Season 4), and at Monday’s Sherlock panel at the Television Critics Association press tour, that stance was officially corroborated by Executive Producer Steven Moffat (or as THR has appropriately dubbed him, “the keeper of secrets”).

“It will continue until Benedict gets too famous.” Quipped Moffat. While the BBC has not yet officially commissioned Sherlock Season 4, given the international popularity of the show and the growing demand for it’s stars, it is highly unlikely that the BBC will pass on the opportunity. Besides, Benedict Cumberbatch has already commissioned another season for himself.

Of course, just because it’s likely to happen doesn’t mean that it will happen anytime soon. Given the popularity of both Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, not to mention Steven Moffat’s day job as the reigning producer on Doctor Who, its a miracle we got season three in as little as two years. Besides, as Moffat fans (if we can really call ourselves fans – we’re more like emotionally over-wrought zombie slaves driven mad by angst) know, Sherlock tends to mess with the production schedule for Doctor Who. If we want one, we have to wait for the other.

Season 8 of Doctor Who, which would normally air in late April, has been pushed back to sometime in the Fall. And given the likelihood that Cumberbatch will feature in at least one of the upcoming Star Wars sequels, we may have a while to wait indeed. The good news is that everyone is extremely keen to film another season, so strategic scheduling will be a priority for all involved.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter