The show opens on the mystery train, a masked figure welds a panel on the train car, face hidden by a welder’s mask, while another panel breaks open.

The next scene moves to Trick, The Blood King’s bar. Bo addresses Kenzi, Lauren, Trick and Dyson, opening the box that was revealed in the previous episode, and pulling out the jar of swirling black smoke. Fighting ensues over whether Bo should open the jar, ending in Bo pulling the lid free. Like a Genie from a bottle a crow/man emerges from the smoke, introducing himself as Hugin, the most humble servant of The Wanderer. Admitting that he and his Brother Munin were the ones to kidnap Bo the first time she found herself on the mystery train.

Bo pleads with Hugin to get back on the train, so she can regain her lost memories, Hugin makes her make a deal, he’ll help her if she’ll help him get revenge on his backstabbing Brother, Munin. Bo leaves the bar with Hugin, but not before he threatens to flay her if she proves to be an enemy of his employer once they are on the train again.

Lauren meets Dyson with a mini arsenal of chemicals, joining forces to get Bo back. Dyson gives Lauren a knife with a blue gem in the hilt, so that she has something more to fight with.

Back in his study, Trick looks penseive, as Kenzi and Tamzin enter. Questioning why he is so upset about the appearance of Hugin, Tick is immediately on the defense, he attempts to struggle past, asking Tamzin, “Hey, weren’t you once an employee of the Wanderer?”

Uncharacteristically Flinging further insults, he insists that they leave it be, and stop asking for his help getting Bo back, saying that he doesn’t have time. Kenzi tells Tamzin that Trick is hiding something, and they agree to snoop.

The next scene Bo appears along side Hugin in a puff of smoke in a Fae burial ground, before she stumbles about he grabs her, warning her that if she were to touch any of the graves, she would be sucked down into Acala, or the underworld.

Munin appears looking like a Billie idol reject, surrounding them with crows turned henchmen, including Hugin’s wife, who was stolen by his Brother. Hugin and Bo run.

Back in Trick’s den, Kenzi and Tamzin find the Blood King’s book, Kenzi has the idea that they must use the book to help Bo. Kenzi and Tamzin search for Trick’s blood so they can write in the book.

Trick visits Min the Lud Wan (sp?) herbalist, and Fae who’s talent is to force anyone to answer with the truth. Asking for her Sister first, then finding her unavailable, asks for her help in retrieving a memory, a memory that he blocked from his own mind. She agrees to help if she is allowed to ask any question she wants, he gives her his blood oath to answer truthfully.

Surrounded by the crows, Bo finds out that it has all been a trap Hugin led her into, they threaten to cut her throat. To escape, she falls backward into one of the Fae graves, finding herself in the underworld. A Leviathan woman attempts to take Bo’s soul, but is warded off by the hand print on her skin left by The Wander, the Leviathan wants the mark, claiming that it was supposed to be hers. They negotiate, a game of riddles, if Bo wins, she gets out, if the Leviathan wins she gets the mark and Bo’s soul.

Then we flash back to Ming, who is pulling answers from trick, afraid, she doesn’t want to continue. With a bloody nose Trick insists.

Flash to The leviathan, asking her riddle, Bo passes.

Then to Tamzin, who finds Trick’s tomtabaco, an ancient magical box. She warns that it must be opened the right way, but believes it contains the Blood King’s blood well.

Bo’s riddle asks the Leviathan to choose between Lauren and Dyson, unable to answer a question that has no answer, Bo claims to be winner. The Leviathan returns her to the graveyard, but not before telling her that someone she loves will soon be dead.

Bo then ambushes the crows, throwing 3 into graves, then is joined by Lauren and Dyson, who hold Hugin and Munin hostage.

Flash back to Tamzin and Kenzi, learning that opening the box incorrectly is getting more and more dangerous.

Back to the grave yard, where they convince the Brothers to get Bo back on the train, as long as Hugin and Munin dont have to stay. Bo leaves again with out Lauren and Dyson.

Trick admits to Min that he wrote Rayner out of existence, and that he created the problems they are currently in. Min states that with all his power to change the future, he is still powerless to change his nature.

Kenzi and Tanzin get the bottle of blood from the box, and pour blood onto the page. Kenzi uses her finger to write Bo’s name, and believes it doesn’t work. Tamzin grabs the book, and is unable to let it go, her name then appears on the pages of the book, she says, “I need to take a soul”. The scene flashing to her standing over a fallen soldier, where a much younger and harsher Trick wont allow her to take the soldier’s soul to Valhalla. She pleads with the Blood king for more time to live a more virtuous life, he agrees to give her what she wants, in exchange for the soldier’s soul. The soldier Rayner the Defiant, who trick turns into The Wanderer.

Kenzi knocks the book from Tamzin’s hands, causing her to pass out. When she revives Tamzin, she says, “What ever you do, don’t trust Trick”.

Scene moves to Bo on the train, confronting the masked figure. The mask is removed, revealing Rayner, who Bo then decides to stab. Rayner grabs her by the throat, and his face begins to glow. Bo looks on Rayner with love, under the same type of spell that Bo puts on others.

Bo then shows up to the bar with Rayner, hand in hand. Claiming that Trick’s mortal enemy is her destiny, that she has to break his curse. That’s where the episode of whiplash scene changes ends.

Coming off of the short break and right back into The Wanderer storyline, I am still unsure how I feel about this season. A lot more serious and less balanced that the seasons before, I find myself wishing that they would incorporate some of the humor that is usual to the show but has been lacking in this story arc.  Several scenes they made a point in showing, seemed pointless in the end, so it is unclear whether it was an oversight or if they will come into play in a later episode. With only 4 episodes left in the season, I think I’ll be glad to have this particular story line wrapped up.