There has been some brand new Doctor Strange casting rumors, these from the guys at Latino Review. The site has been right a lot of times, so this is something that might be a little more relevant than some other sites who just make wild predictions based on rumors.

The new Doctor Strange casting rumors indicate that Marvel Studios is actually talking to Johnny Depp about playing the Master of the Mystic Arts. Since Marvel wants Doctor Strange to be for Phase 3 what Iron Man was for Phases 1 and 2, that means they need a star as big as Robert Downey Jr.

Johnny Depp is definitely as big as RDJ.

There is one huge problem with these Doctor Strange casting rumors. Johnny Depp said last year that he wants to retire very soon. If Marvel wants him to lead the way through Phase 3, and since they want to lock up actors for multiple appearances – especially for big time heroes – he won’t be retiring anytime soon.

However, that can easily be remedied by driving up giants trucks full of money to Johnny Depp’s front door. It worked when it came to keeping Robert Downey Jr. locked up until his mid-50s.

Honestly, if Marvel wants Doctor Strange to lead them into the future, they need a big name behind the movie since he is not an A-list hero in most people’s minds and is a complete unknown in about 85 percent of the movie going public’s minds. Johnny Depp would solve that problem.

What do you think about these Doctor Strange casting rumors? Does Johnny Depp fit the role? Chime in below with your comments.

SourceLatino Review