Sometimes news comes down the wire and it just makes me smile. Ever since Marvel’s Ant-Man casting news started talking about Paul Rudd playing Ant-Man in the upcoming Edgar Wright movie, I have speculated that it would not be Hank Pym as Ant-Man but would be Scott Lang.

I was right.

Back in November, I wrote an article titled “Will Scott Lang be Ant-Man in Edgar Wright’s Movie?” In that article, I talked about the casting call where they said they were looking for a white guy in his 20s or 30s who was edgy and funny. They were also looking for a 6-9 year old girl. I then went into why that, mixed with D-Rock’s report that Ant-Man would be a HEIST movie, made it sound just like a Scott Lang story and not a Hank Pym story.

In that article, I outlined Scott Lang’s story:

Scott Lang was a thief who got out of prison and was trying to go straight when his young daughter Cassie became ill and was dying. Lang finally broke into Hank Pym’s lab and stole the Ant-Man suit and the Pym Particles. He did this to use them to rescue a doctor who could save his daughter’s life. After the fact, Pym allowed him to keep the suit and particles and become a hero.

It fit the casting call and the Heist story.

Ant-Man castingToday, my speculations proved to be 100 percent correct. Paul Rudd was cast last year to play Ant-Man and now Michael Douglas has been cast to play Hank Pym. Marvel then announced that Rudd is playing Scott Lang. This is the best news possible for the Ant-Man movie, although comic book die hards will be crying from now until the movie is released because it isn’t Pym.

Look, Scott Lang’s story is PERFECT for a movie. Hank Pym’s story is way too complicated for that, as he has years and years of built up aggression making him such a great character. Now, I think Douglas is too old for the role and they should have gotten someone in their 50s, but this would put his character as working in science around the same time as Tony Stark’s dad, so that could be a nice tie-in in the future.

Plus, Douglas has the perfect attitude to be Hank Pym, and he is a great actor, so I can live with the age difference. Overall, I am just really happy that this is going to be Scott Lang’s story (and I say that as a big Hank Pym fan – especially his Yellow Jacket days).

Plus, Edgar Wright can do no wrong. Bring on Ant-Man!

Source: Collider