CSI Producer Danny Cannon, has reportedly been approached about directing the pilot episode of a new DC Comics’ GOTHAM TV series, set in the crime plagued fictional city that is home to all the characters in the Batman universe. Cannon has directed the pilots to several television shows, including the CSI franchise, Nikita, Alcatraz and several TV movies and feature films including 1995’s Judge Dredd which stars Sylvester Stallone.

Gotham TVAlthough the Gotham TV series takes place within the Batman universe, Batman will not be a part of the series. The on-going story will focus on Jim Gordon, who is still a Detective with the Gotham City Police Department and will be a mechanism for DC to expand their universe in the television and motion picture mediums. According to Screenrant, producers are currently in the process of casting a ten year old to play a young Bruce Wayne.  Shooting is scheduled to begin in March.

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