The Breakdown

A man is selling a piece of Chitauri metal and the team sends in a rumba as a diversion. Ward and May come in a whoop ass. A case ensues and with FitzSimmions and Skye’s help shield gets the man cornered on the roof. the man is to help the team find Coulson .

Agent Han kicks Skye off of the team and May backs the decision. FitzSimmions and Ward are giving Skye material and detail of the agents that will debrief her so that she can make the best of the opportunity (and break out I guess).

The Magical Place

The weird guy that speaks to the clairvoyant has Coulson is a chamber that will let them access his memory. Coulson isn’t giving them the information that the want. The man tells Coulson that the clairvoyant can see that Phil died but doesn’t see how SHIELD brought him back.

Skye is having trouble accessing the internet due to her bracelet. She comes up with a plan to pose as May and try to get inside one f the men behind centipedes homes. Ward chooses to interview Van Chat in order to find out where Coulson is. Coulson is at an abandoned nuclear war town.

Wards ask May why she didn’t stick up for Skye. May tells Ward that Skye works best when she is not with SHIELD, when she is fending for herself. The clairvoyant kills Mr. Poe (the only person that used to speak with him) and has put Rena in change. Rena tells Coulson that she wants the same thing that he wants, which is to find out why he is still alive and what is SHIELD keeping from him.

The Magical Place

Skye has tracked that Van Chat has been paid by Rena and she may have found a location for Coulson . Rena is still trying to convince Coulson that SHIELD is hiding something from him. She convinces him telling Coulson that SHIELD told Coulson  violin playing lover that he died, this breaks Coulson and he commits to going back into the machine. Agent Hand tells the team that there are going elsewhere to find Coulson . Ward tells Hand that he is going on Skye’s lead and if she wants she can send back up. Rena has Couslen in the machine and has him focusing on what happened after his death. He keeps seeing Tahiti and while Rena is telling him to focus the Tahiti picture starts breaking up instead of seeing a massage girl and a man bring drinks. He is now seeing a doctor and someone saying that this was order by Fury.

Skye goes to the compound in the desert when Coulson  is and is found by a centipede agent. Skye runs and one of SHILED SUVs runs over the solider. Ward and the rest of the team take down the rest of the solders and they go to find Couslen. Cosulen is still in the room with Rena. COuslen is breaking free of the Tahiti nightmare and is seeing his death, being zipped up in a body bag and then being operation on by doctors. He then sees his brian open and a robot working on his brain. Coulson keeps screaming “let me die” one of the doctors is telling another one of the doctors to stop this. Skye walks into the room and Rena tells her that she is helping Coulson. Skye knocks her out and tries to stop the machine. Ward unplug the machine and Coulson says Skye’s name.

The Magical Place

SHIELD has Rena in their custody and Coulson thanks Agent Hand for finding him. Couslen takes Skye’s bracelet off and she asks him did they or he find out anything. He tells her no.

Coulson approaches one of the doctors that was in the room by hiding in his truck. The doctor says the Coulson wasn’t dead for 8 nor 40 seconds he was dead for days. Fury moved heaven and earth for them to restore Coulson . The doctor tells him that he had lost his will to live so they put the image of Tahiti in his mind to help him cope. The doctors tell him that they should have let him die and that he is sorry.

A man wakes in a small room. He sits up and we find out it is Mike Peterson. Mike is burned by bruises and is missing his leg. When he says Hello he gets a message saying “good morning and further instructions will be sent.” Mike has been taken in by the same people who altered Akela Amur from the episode EYE SPY.

 The Analysis

This episode went a little slow, maybe because there wasn’t a lot of FitzSimmion in this one or the fact that Skye wasn’t on board the BUS, something in this episode that just didn’t seem right with me. Anyway I’m a little disappointed that they are going with the Coulson was rebuilt story as a opposed to Coulson is a bot. We really haven’t uncovered the WHOLE truth with Coulson  so we’ll just have to see how they play it.