The Breakdown

It’s finally the day of the surgery.

Brian is trying to convince Archer to walk away because Ellen isn’t going to kill the president and he is not going to get paid. Archer tells him he better hope that he is wrong about that. Duncan is speaking to Nina via Blair’s phone to make sure his wife is OK in order to kill the president. The 1st lady finds out that Ellen was lying about the president being a candidate for dementia and wants to know what is going on before she calls the secret service on Ellen.

Hostages series finale

The team of militia men Duncan hired to help are on the scene and are blending in with the secret service. Duncan and Sandrine are on site of the location where they will try to kill Blair. Vanessa leads Blair to a back room where Duncan is. Duncan tells Blair to have his family released or he dies. In the president surgery, the fake secret service plant the smoke bomb into the hospital.

The president starts bleeding out while the hospital goes on lock-down from the Secret Service. The real SS changes the password so they know who are real and who isn’t. When they encounter the militia, they ask them the password and they not knowing it, are shot on site. Logan, Ellen and the rest of the surgical staff moves the president to another location. When they are set Logan tells Ellen to make sure he is dead. Ellen injects Logan with something to kill him.

Hostages series finale

While the news breaks about the president, Duncan is still in the kitchen with Blair. Then Nina calls and makes him promise he will not kill again. Ellen is in the backroom with the president in order to save him. Blair tells Duncan that they could make a tape so that neither one of them goes after the other.

Duncan agrees and tells Sandrine to take him away. As Blair is walking he grabs a frying pan and hits Sandrine, Duncan kills Blair. Ellen is saving the president and taking his bone marrow. When the real secret service comes in they find the president in stable condition and Ellen is backed away from him.

Hostages series finale

Logan is not dead just subdued. The agents tell Logan that the president is fine. Logan is pissed. The 1st lady hugs Ellen and thanks her and Ellen places the bone marrow into her purse. Archer is with Brian and the family and is not happy. One of the agents gives Ellen a package as a sign of gratitude, it’s the bone marrow.

Archer takes the family to a warehouse. Duncan calls Archer to tell him not to hurt the family. When Duncan gets back to the house Archer exposes him. Archer tells Duncan that he should have told him the truth. Duncan pulls out his gun and he and Archer fight it out. Archer has Duncan on the ground and is about to shoot him and in typical villain fashion Archer takes to long to shoot Duncan. Kramer comes in and kills Archer.

Hostages series finale

The 1st lady confronts the president because she found out that Nina is his child and that he had her bother killed. Vanessa is the one that told her. The 1st lady said that he will have to pay for his crimes.

So now apparently every thing is back to normal. Nina is going to take the bone marrow and live. The Sanders go back home and even the dog is back. Sandrine and Kramer are going to run away together. Duncan however turns himself into the police.

Hostages series finale

The Analysis 

Well the last 7 minutes were stupid but I enjoyed this series. Mostly the last 5 episodes. The only thing that I think they left to open was the president, 1st lady and Vanessa. It would have been fitting if the 1st lady would have killed the president in the hospital recovery room, but hey I guess i can’t expect much from a show that needed 15 episode to explain and unravel a pilot that really could have been 5 or 6 episodes.