The Breakdown

Blair kidnaps Nina and Sawyer and holds them until Duncan’s mission is done. Ellen wants to live apart from Brian when this is all over. Duncan finally confirms that Sandrine is a traitor and they intend to kill her.

Archer takes Sandrine to a warehouse in order to kill her when Duncan calls him off. Duncan wants to used Sandrine to get to his wife. Sandrine gives a bag of pills to Logan in order to give to his wife. Logan takes the bait. Duncan has a tracker on the pills to located Nina.

Suspicious Minds

Duncan tells Archer that he doesn’t know what Ellen is going to do and if he wants to leave he can. Duncan tells him that he has about 50K saved and he can get it to Archer. Archer tells Duncan that he didn’t start this job for a miserable 50K. That coupled with Duncan lying to him and where Kramer is has Archer thinking something is going on.

Morgan and Brian are fleeing when a man follows them to a rest stop. Morgan goes to the bathroom and the man comes in with a gun, Brian come in afterwards and shoot the follower.

Suspicious Minds

Ellen meets with the president to do one more pre-operation check up, everything is well. When he leaves the 1st lady asks Ellen is it ok if the President can take penis pills. Ellen says not on the day of his surgery. The 1st lady tells Ellen that she will tell his mistress.

Duncan and Kramer go to the house where Nina and Sawyer are at. They sneak into it and subdue one man. When they get upstairs 2 men hold then up. As one of the men has a gun to Kramer’s head, the other tells Duncan to put his down. Duncan starts to comply and someone shoots, Its Sandrine. Duncan and Kramer are saved. Sandrine knows that Logan must have found the chip and moved Nina and Sawyer.

Suspicious Minds

Ellen is still talking to the 1st lady. They are talking about sneaking the sample of the President bone marrow out of surgery and how to sneak it out, it looks like the 1st lady is on the team.

Kramer and Duncan track the house (that Nina was in) down to Vanessa. Duncan finds and confronts Vanessa and she acts dumb. He then pressures her and she tells him that Blair is really in control and she wants Duncan to kill Blair. Sandrine is at the house to say her goodbye to Kramer and Duncan comes in. Sandrine tells Duncan that she is just leaving. Duncan tells her to stick around he needs her to stick around to kill Blair. Sandrine asks who is that and Duncan tells her that Blair is the real man in charge.

Morgan and Brian go to the cabin where Jake is. Brian’s asks Morgan that if she knew about his affair how come she never said anything. She says it want her concern.

Suspicious Minds

As Brian approaches the house, Jake comes out and looks scared. Brian asks what wrong? Archer comes from behind Jake and tells them that no one is going anywhere until the President is dead.

The Analysis 

Well Archer comes and busts thing up because he fells he isn’t getting paid. It’s sort of fitting, I wonder what will Duncan say if he finds out. As I’ve said before if this show would have started like this it would have been good. It’s sad it had to heat up in the mist of being cancelled.