SolaceDirected and Written by: Vandon N. Gibbs

Starring: Russell Durham Comegys, Rhoda Griffis, Dupree Lewis Jr., Dixie Light, Robert Pralgo, Ric Reitz

Written and directed by Vandon N. Gibbs, Solace¬†is described as ¬†“Six people from different walks of life search for redemption in three seemingly unrelated stories that push towards a startling climax”.

A Drug Dealer, a Lawyer, a Politician, a Wife, a Mistress, and a Hit Man, sounds like a great action flick or the beginning of a joke. Laid down on paper, it seems like it would have promise, unfortunately each story’s relation to the next is far too obvious, as well as a not so startling climax.

Watching it, I felt the writing to be heavy handed, and better suited to the stage than to a movie. I wondered if the Director/Writer might have been fresh out of film school, with that over eagerness that lends to many overly pretentious first attempts to grab the Oscar gold and falling flat. Looking at Gibb’s history, which isn’t long and mostly includes shorts, that very well may be the case.

The acting is passable by all involved, but no single performance stands out, and the flick itself has little to no re-watch value. If you find yourself scrolling through whatever streaming movie site you subscribe to, and can only choose one to watch, take ‘solace’ in the fact that you weren’t missing much by skipping past this one.