The ideas for a Sandman movie, based on the fantastic award winning comics by Neil Gaiman, have been tossed around for awhile. According to Deadline, they are in the news once again as Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in talks to produce, as well as possibly star and direct, the movie based on Sandman and the Endless.

According to Deadline, the deal will be with Warner Bros. (Vertigo is a brand of a DC Comics property) and David S. Goyer pitched a treatment over a Sandman movie last year. With Goyer now the “Kevin Feige of DC Comics movies,” you can bet that if he wants a Sandman movie, it will get made.

Now, as cool as it will be to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Sandman, aka. Morpheus, aka. Dream, this is a project that will be very hard to adapt into a solo feature film. There were 75 issues in the Sandman comic book series and the stories drifted between horror and high concept fantasy.

The property would be perfect for something like an HBO series, but the Sandman movie would have to choose one particular story from the series and focus on it. Whether they would shoot for the moon and go straight to a story with Lucifer or Death herself, or keep it more personal to Sandman, will be figured out when they hire a screenwriter.

As for Joseph Gordon-Levitt directing the Sandman movie, I know that Don Jon was pretty damn good, but this is something that needs someone with the experience to pull off a major project. JGL has worked with Christopher Nolan, so maybe something has rubbed off on him, but I would rather see him work his way through smaller, personal projects like Ben Affleck did.

What are your thoughts on a Sandman movie? Is this too big of a project for one movie? Could Joseph Gordon-Levitt pull it off? Who would play DespairĀ of The Endless? Chime in below.

Source: Deadline