The Breakdown

After Brian calls Nina to expose Duncan’s plan, Duncan is confronted by Nina and he actually fessed up that he is holding the Sanders family hostage. Archer tells Kramer that Sandrine is definitely the mole and she will be killed, this order came directly from Duncan. It’s sad to see but (Billy Walsh) is going to be the glue that takes this team down because of some snatch. After Nina comes home and gets her daughters hope up. She threatens to call the police on Duncan after confronting him and her father. Duncan’s recourse to lock her in her room.

Fight or Flight

Vanessa and Blair are the dumbest “supposedly” smart people in the white house. If they have microphones in the courts that can catch a sneeze. I’m pretty sure they have something just as good if not better in the white house. There are IN the White House basically saying “we’re going to kill the president, we’re going to kill the president”.

Kramer thinks he is sneaking into Sandrine’s phone while she is in the bathroom (with the door opened) amazingly she sees him. Afterwards he gives her a chance to “turn over a new leaf” but tells her Duncan ¬†and Archer won’t. Brian and Ellen tells Duncan we’re not going to kill the president and what the hell are you going to do about it. He says nothing but tell me about your plan to save my wife.

Fight or Flight

Kramer tries to talk sense into Nina’s head. Telling her that Kincaid (her dad) raped her mom 35 years ago and tried to kill her mom afterwards. If Kincaid knew Nina was alive he would kill her as well as Sawyer.

Duncan knows the Sandrine is going to kill them he just has to figure out how. Duncan and Archer inspect the cars to see if anything has been placed on them to take them out. Sandrine comes up just as they are doing this. The cars are clean. Sandrine goes to the garage and the bombs are still hidden in there. When Duncan and the crew enter the house. Duncan tells them all that the deal is to kill the president and they will do it or die. The crew is to take the kids to the basement or at least try to and Jake reacts and grabs a vast then Duncan shoots him. Duncan grabs Morgan and asks Ellen if she (Morgan)  needs to die as well.

Fight or Flight

Jake is alive; earlier Archer brought a secluded house in the woods and Jake will be staying there. Jake will run if the plan to kill Kincaid in 2 days goes wrong. This is the deal that Ellen struck with Duncan not to kill the president but get the bone marrow in order to save Nina. Ellen tells Morgan that Jake is alive and she will be going soon. Jake went first because Morgan is stronger. Sandrine and Kramer do not know that Jake is still alive and this deal is struck.

Nina finally awakes and gets Sawyer to break her free while Burton is away. Blair meet with the Vice president and he told him that he was thinking of running with Vanessa (for president). Blair tells Vanessa this and tells her that she is a good liar but the game isn’t over.

Fight or Flight

Duncan meets with a team of anti government people and convinces them that they can kill the president. Duncan will use this as a diversion in order to fulfill their mission.

Ellen meets with the first lady. Telling her that Kincaid could have dementia later on in life, the catch is to sneak a sample of his blood and bone marrow out of the lab to test it. This of course will be used to try to save Nina.

Brian is getting Morgan a new identity. Archer while doing another sweep of the house goes to the garage and locates the bombs that Sandrine is going to use to kill them. Nina and Sawyer call Duncan to tell them that they are leaving, As they are getting ready to board the plane they are held up in security. Duncan calls a FBI friend in order to help him track down Nina. At the airport however Blair is the one that has Sawyer and Nina stopped not Duncan’s people.

Fight or Flight


Why hasn’t this been done before. Here’s an idea; actually tell us WHY the leading man on the show is DOING this insanity NOW the show is getting good. Bringing B rate actors from soaps isn’t the way to extend and complicate this show. WHY Duncan is doing this madness should have been explored earlier. As Sandrine is wrapping up her deal with Logan, Duncan actually gave thought to something I wondered about Sandrine’s deal (to get cash and passports for her and her son in order to get out of the country) which is what is the guarantee that Logan and the government will not kill Sandrine. It’s not like they won’t have the information to find them any airport or any port they try to exit out of. They will have whatever names are on the passports so why should Sandrine we able to trust anyone that they are the way out.

If you watch the second episode and this one you would have a good show. Maybe because it’s ended they have no choice but to make thing heat up but it is working. I am actually in anticipation to see next weeks episode.